ArtKillers (Recruiting)


lvl 2: Hog "Rider"
Leader ssmithdixon
Current Members 40+
Minimal Level 130
Minimal Trophies 1,700
Minimal Donation 4,000 (weekly)
Language International clan
Status Invite Only
Clan Type Casual but Trophy Oriented
Clan Information: Clan requirements to join

Troops tier LVL 7
Hero LVL 25+
Default troops Wiz/Archers
Gold grab + Elixir escapade 750m
Heroic hero 1.75m
Donates 600 p/w
Friend in need 90k
XL lvl 130+
Town hall lvl 10
Trophy Information: trophy push happens maybe once every 3 months depends on players
Elder Information: elders is done by donates and social reason , normally elders is given to any players who donates over 1000 per week and talk in chat room and shares replays

co leaders are done by services and recruiting and loyalty
Donation Information: donates are 500 per week and elders 1000 and co leaders 1500

receives should be just as good to help other players donates
Recruitment Information: Places available in ArtKillers family
ArtKillers LVL 125+ LVL 7
ArtKillers NL LVL 110+ LVL 4
ArtKillers+ LVL 100+ LVL 7
ArtKillers* LVL 90+ LVL 6
ArtKillers% LVL 80+ LVL 6
Artkillers IND LVL 70+ LVL 7
Artkillers WAR LVL 70+ LVL 7
Artkillers Rst LVL 1
ArtKillers ReQ (max TH8+) LVL 1
4 Staff members wanted
New Clan coming soon
Please check the clan requirements for the clan you are able to join please.
It may take up to 1 to 2 working days to reply to back to you
Sorry for any inconvenience.
looking for merge into Artkillers KIK Ssmithdixon for info
Profile Author: Clan profile maintained by ssmithdixon