300 Donations (Recruiting)


lvl 1: Loincloth
none yet
Leader SabreSibe
Current Members 30+
Minimal Trophies 1,200
Minimal Donation 600 (weekly)
Language english
Status Invite Only
Clan Type Casual
Clan Information: Level4+ archers to join. We are an active clan that donates a lot.
Trophy Information: We don't trophy push.
Elder Information: Elder is earned by being active and loyal. Please do not ask for elder or co-leader. It will given if deserved.
Donation Information: Default troops (LVL4 archer, LVL3 wizard, and LVL1 dragon) can be donated ANY TIME. Donate 150/new, 300/mid, 600/season. Donate before requesting. :)
Recruitment Information: If you're tired of getting barbs and goblins in your clan castle, look no further. In this clan, you will get archers, wizards, and dragons quickly.
Profile Author: Clan profile maintained by SabreSibe