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Clash of Clans | GoWiWi TH11 3 Star Attacks with Queen Walk: How To Guide for Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans Guide! How To GoWiWi at TH11 with Queen Walk for the 3 Star Attack in Clash of Clans. The GoWiWi attack is the best and most popular strategy for the 3 star at TH11 currently in CoC. This video guides you through the attack with use of the Archer Queen Walk to talk out the Eagle Artillery first. You can still get this strategy to work without the Queen Walk by using EQ spells and spreading your witches out. In summary the key parts of the attack is to take out the Eagle Artillery with your Queen first, hopefully you can get the Clan Castle with this part of the attack. Once this has taken place bring your Witches and Grand Warden through the middle of the base with a Golem up front for tanking. Your Barbarian King is then mirrored on the opposite side as your Queen Walk so that your have 3 lanes of attack. You have to ensure you have enough spells to create access through the base but following this you want to take as many Rage or Freeze Spells as you can to assist your attack. If you're a TH11 in Clash of Clans the GoWiWi Attack is a must if you have your sights set on the 3 Star Attack. I hope this guide helps you, drop me any questions in the comment section below. Clash on!

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