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Clash of Clans | GiBarch Farming Strategy Guide! TH10 Farming in Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans Farming! How To Strategy Guide for GiBarch Farming at Town Hall Level 8, 9, 10 and 11 in Clash of Clans. The CoC GiBarch Strategy is one of the best farming techniques in the game. It enables you to get deep into a base in order to loot from storages. The army is cheap and relatively quick to build, but has enough power to take on stronger bases. I personally use the strategy to farm throughout the day because an advantage is that you can jump on the game every hour or so once your army is built. It is a solid farming strategy for if you are limited in the amount of time you can play Clash of Clans throughout the day. This video aims to break down the GiBarch strategy so that it is simple for you to replicate. There really isn't much to it, which is why it is one of the best farming strategies out there. Army composition will vary and you will get your own preferences once you become familiar with the strategy; this will also depend on your own level of progress in CoC and the level of base you are going to be attacking. To get you started with the strategy, at TH10, here is the troop composition and deployment strategy that I recommend:
Troops: 10 Giants, 10 Wizards, 75 Barbarians and 75 Archers. Any Clan Castle Troops.
Spells: 2 Jump, 2 Rage, 1 Heal, 1 Poison. Any Clan Castle Spell.
Deployment: Snipe any mines worth loot on the opposite side of the base. 1 Jump spell to access initial layer. Deploy and long line of Giants followed by a long line of Wizards for tanking and funnelling. Once funnel is created deploy your heroes and Barch troops behind this to push into the base, be careful of splash defences in initial layer. A rage spell and/or heal is always good when they first enter the base. A jump spell is then required to access the core of the base and if any castle troops, especially if they do splash damage, come at you - you have your poison spell waiting. I hope this GiBarch farming strategy guide helps show you how to do the strategy and improve your Clash of Clans farming experience. Any questions, don't be afraid to ask in the comments below.


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