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Clash of Clans | Bowler Attack Strategy TH11 - Mass Bowlers 3 Star War Raid in CoC

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Clash of Clans Attack! TH11 3 Star Attack Strategy featuring the Bowlers in CoC. The Mass Bowler Attack Strategy at Town Hall 11 has had a surge in popularity following the latest Clash of Clans update where the Bowler troop was reduced to just 6 housing space. In this TH11 3 star war raid you can see just why the Bowlers are so popular at this minute as they tear apart this base design. Any spread out base that you would normally hit with Mass Valkyries will certainly be suitable for Bowlers - so long as you can get easy access to and through the base. A lot of anti Valkyrie bases are trying to create a bigger gap before the core, Bowlers are great for these designs. Spread them out with some Rage Spells and Healers, as part of a Bowler Walk Strategy, and you'll be on track to a 3 Star Attack before you know it. The Mass Bowler Attack Strategy does not just work at TH11, although I have seen it there most, you could certainly get this Strategy to work at TH10 as well. Let me know in the comments how you have been using the Bowler Troop at Town Hall 10 and 11 and what strategy you like. Stay tuned for more Clash of Clans; Clash On!


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