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Beta Minion VS Sneaky Archer - Clash of Clans Battle - New CoC Update 2017

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Who Will Win? The Beta Minion and Sneaky Archer battle it out in this 1v1 Clash of Clans Battle. The New CoC Troops within the Builder Base have special abilities and we are testing them out today in the epic face-off. Gameplay of these troops in action is from Builder Hall Level 5, Max BH5 and is a great challenge as both new troops have a similar special ability and are good at sniping buildings. They will be attacking alongside the new hero, the Battle Machine to fight it out and see who wins. The Boat has brought us the Builder Base in this May 2017 Update but what is your favourite part - let me know below. Attacks in this CoC Battle are from the developer build of the game. Clash On!


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