Hello Youtube I am ProdigyBuildingMC and I do a variety of videos. I mainly do clash of clans with minecraft on the side. I do speed builds, live attacks, hungergames, walkthrough,adventure maps, minigames and much more! A lot of what you see I will have built!

CoC Battle Day #7: Awesome strategy! Quatrolavaloonion

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Watch some epic th9 replay for no cost! Also check out this quatrolavaloonion at a town hall 9!

Quatrolavaloonion consists of 4 lava hounds. 20 minions. and 18 balloons.

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CoC Battle Day #3 Epic Wins Lame Defense...

Hey guys please comment rate and sub! I have decided to make the clan war videos a one video series per war, and now i will be uploading speedbuilds for TH7 Thanks!

Clash of clans war
Clash of clans win too!

CoC: TH7 base layout speed building Trophy base

Town hall 7 trophy base layout

Song: Gold by chet faker (flume re-work)

COC Clan War PT. 2 +Epic Attacking! Clan War #2

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COC Soon Clan War PT. 1 +Epic Attack! Clan War #2

Coc Battle Day pt. 2

Epic Wins!!! down to the last second edge of the chair wins

CoC: *Battle Day* Epic battles! Pt. 1 my attacks

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