Tactics Help

The goal of Clash of Clans Tactics is to remove all of your opponent's health by matching skulls together. Once your opponent has no health, you are the victor. The opponent however, is no noob. He will also be trying to reduce your health to nothing to win the game and he always makes the most clever moves. Luckily, you've got sexy abilities to weaken your noobsauce opponent.

Your abilities are fueled by your matching. If you get a red match your red tank will fill up with one point of red liquid. After 20 points you'll be able to use the corresponding ability Skull Creator. You will have to use abilities to defeat your opponent. Good thing for you, he's rather limited in the ability department. Here's some explanation on your abilities:

Replaces every red gem on the game board with a skull.
Destroys every skull on the board and removing the appropriate health from the opponent.
Allows you to replace a gem on the board with a 5x wildcard gem.
Replace all gems of a given color with a different color

Every win will get you 12 trophies, every loss will remove 4 trophies and every successful defense will earn you
3 trophies. Remember, more trophies means more sex life. Well that's what I'll be pretending anyway.