TH6 Farming Base base plan - Clash of Clans Builder

TH6 Farming Base

Author Mitrian
Vitals Type: Farming | Storages: 2
Stats Rating: n/a | Modifications: 903 | Views: 166 | Comments: 1 | Attacked: 0
Created 14 months ago
As with all Farming builds, the goal for this build is to preserve resources, not caring that much if trophies are lost to Town Hall kills. In fact, those are good as they'll give a free shield. While the Town Hall is left outside the walls, it's not the most appealing target, with Clan Castle, Wizard and Mortar towers all in range. As this corner is also the most vulnerable for attacks to the storage containers, I've packed it full of traps as well to further weaken brute force attacks. Aside from the Town Hall area, this town is very unfriendly to Giant attack forces, but could net good loot to goblin rushes if I haven't logged in for a while.
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  • 14 months ago

    I went to sleep last night with both Gold and Elixir Storages maxed full at 1M each. Got attacked by a force of 127 Barbarians 3 Healers. They cleaned the outer ring of collectors, netting them roughly 12k of each resource, but never made it into the interior of the town. 2-star defeat, but it was a win for me, as I woke up to a shield and storage containers still filled to the brim.