TH9 Farming Base


Apr 2013
lvl 1: Loincloth
Author BigAndysArmy (Reddit Indy)
Vitals Type: Farming | Storages: 4
Stats Rating: 3 | Modifications: 1,296 | Views: 1,587 | Comments: 0 | Attacked: 1
Created 18 months ago
Circular/spiral design so no side is weaker than the other! I've tried to incorporate all factors which make a strong base. For example, centralised clan castle, x-bows and mortars. The archer queen can also be placed in the centre along with a barbarian king. With a well filled CC and two heroes in the centre your attackers will find it extremely difficult to lure them out and giants won't last long at all. The storages are separated into four compartments to stop goblins and make it almost impossible to steal all 8 storages. No T-junctions and lots of compartments around the side make it hard for wall breakers. This base is by no means perfect, however, the air bombs and air mines could be closer to the centre and some spring traps could probably be better placed. Some may also argue that the air defences are not protected enough. On the other hand, it is very difficult to adjust these problems without comprising another defence! I've done the best I can please rate and comment! :)
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