Trophy Base (Town-Hall Level 8)


May 2013
lvl 1: Loincloth
Author EnderHunter97 (USA!)
Vitals Type: Hybrid | Storages: 3
Stats Rating: 2 | Modifications: 868 | Views: 17,464 | Comments: 0 | Attacked: 1
Created 20 months ago
This base is meant for those trophy lovers :3. This base spreads the storage's, making it harder for the enemy to get all of those valuable resources. The Wizard Towers and Mortars are close of a triangle (Curse you Town-Hall Shape). Hidden Tesla are your reinforcement if those mortars get destroyed helping your wizard tower take them out. The builder huts is a decoy for the wall breakers new AI protecting your wizard towers from any wall breakers hitting their wall. This base is some what symmetrical for you OCD people (Don't Worry I'm OCD too). Your Barbarian King will most likely be killed instantly in a attack, but at least it gives the cannons and archers time to kill some of those pesky troops. The air defense are well protected just in case they try to send some healers or dragons. Your dark elixir isn't well protected so you can modify some storage depending what you want to protect more. The two layers on top of the base makes it difficult for the enemy to break through, also giving your defense more protection. Hope you enjoy this base! Why not punch that "Like" button, you would make my day :3
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