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Gondolin - TH7 Farming Layout

Author Blobertson (Entropy Cats)
Vitals Type: Farming | Storages: 2
Stats Rating: 3 | Modifications: 830 | Views: 8,449 | Comments: 8 | Attacked: 3
Created 15 months ago
Author: Blobertson, Clan: Entropy Cats If you rate it lower then 3 stars, please leave your criticisms in a comment so I can learn and improve the layout. Wallbreakers sent after the air defense are funneled by the wall cushions into a spring trap, where they activate the teslas, at which point the tesla pocket becomes a wallbreaker decoy- 3 waves of WBs required to access air defense. Archers attempting to target air defense are funneled into one square within mortar range. Passageway between point defense compartments on the southeast contains spring traps for giants and also WBs looking to tunnel to the DE. Resource storages and splash towers are all segmented to guard against goblin rushing. Clan Castle is centralized so that CC troops are impossible to lure. BK is not centralized as he is used primarily for attack, not defense. If you don't plan on farming DE, or simply have none, you can kick the DE storage outside and move the BK inside for defense. Mines and collectors are spaced evenly around the perimeter to fool goblins into circling around the whole base before heading inside. Perimeter buildings are far away from the walls to push the spawn zone out, discouraging precise troop deployments. Mortars cover all defenses, Wizard Towers cover gold storages, which are on opposite sides of the base.
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  • 13 months ago

    Storages are now even further segmented, at the expense of symmetry and the protection of one of the two Air Defenses. Resource protection is increased dramatically, and it's still extremely difficult to destroy both Air Defenses. Giant Healer attacks coming in from the side with the exposed AD should be crippled by the Seeking Air Mine.

  • 14 months ago

    Yes, the base prioritizes gold over elixir and DE.

  • 14 months ago

    3 storages in one compartment. ;)

  • 15 months ago

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm really glad it's working well for you! In what trophy range do you stay?

  • 15 months ago

    I'm sticking with this layout for the rest of TH7 build-out. The only times an attack has managed to level the layout was with the use of 3 Dragons while I was upgrading both my Air Defenses. 90% of the time an attack will expend more resources than they manage to take. Upgrades definitely impact performance, as would be expected. Might utilize this in TH8 and upgrade outside of Walls.

  • 15 months ago

    I took out the second Dark Barracks, not sure why the builder includes it as a TH7 structure.

  • 15 months ago

    I don't have any Dark Barracks at all, haha. The perimeter buildings can be moved around as you like depending on how many buildings you have and where it's most important to push the spawn zone out.

  • 15 months ago

    A well thought out design rendered completely useless by an unavailable second Dark Barracks @ TH7. Looks extremely promising. Will post results.