Town Hall Level 7 Base Setup Farming


Mar 2013
lvl 4: Noobsauce Bob
Author CaptainSparklez (Ireland1)
Vitals Type: Farming | Storages: 2
Stats Rating: 1.5 | Modifications: 858 | Views: 31,786 | Comments: 1 | Attacked: 3
Created 22 months ago
Awesome base for town hall 7. I made this myself, and used the 25 extra walls gained in the new update well here. Made this a tough time for the wall breakers, and very confusing to attackers about where the hidden teslas are! This is symmetrical for OCD ppl like me. Hope you like it, give me a good rate. Thanks! Oh, and if you want to join my clan it is called CoCbEaStS, and my name is Jason Couzis. I made the clan, I got 50 viewers! Please join, and I will donate my a** off!
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  • Posted 9 months ago

    dimi madza

    Apr 2014
    lvl 1: Loincloth
    is good but if they break through the 2nd barrier of wall they can just put gob and steal all your loot