Th 8 best layout ever base plan - Clash of Clans Builder

Th 8 best layout ever

Author Fodfejl (Fkf)
Vitals Type: Farming | Storages: 2
Stats Rating: 2.9 | Modifications: 857 | Views: 198,157 | Comments: 22 | Attacked: 13
Created 17 months ago
this is my best layout ever i now it works perfekt!! test it and rate it!!
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  • 2 months ago

    ^This is the real 'th 8 best layout ever'

  • 6 months ago


  • 8 months ago

    Best layout ever for the mentally-ill.

  • 12 months ago

    Please delete it...

  • 14 months ago

    Missing that third anti-air. A group of Giants and a Healer or two would trample =/

  • 15 months ago

    Mortars too exposed, Clan Castle and king too exposed and Town Hall not well defende but still defended.

  • 16 months ago

    no plane for third AD? No new Update??

  • 16 months ago

    Good one, still can use some improvement, like more covering of the exposed Mortar; tesla are visible ...
    plz return comment and rating :)

  • 16 months ago

    Nice base 4/5
    Check out my TH7 base called Goblin King's Farming Base

  • 17 months ago

    Not that bad but not amazing either, I think my th lvl 8 base is way better, lol

  • 17 months ago

    it's not bad but it isn't really good.

  • 17 months ago

    nice layout... too bad only 2 storage for lv 8.

  • 17 months ago

    Not the worst layout. Certainly not the best, though.

  • 17 months ago

    Thats soso

  • 17 months ago

    i really think you need to organize the buildings outside the Walls as there are many spots where you can spawn very close to the Walls (easy for Wall Breakers) as many have commented the left Mortar is almost useless as its great range covers lots of empty space. All that being said i would come in from the top right with Giants, barbs, and Archers, Healer after the air is taken out...

  • 17 months ago

    poor base.
    simple eggshell layout like every other easy base to destroy.
    no offense, but start over and add the other items you missed.

  • 17 months ago

    very bad base... easy to atack, 1 wall for 2 boxes...

  • 17 months ago

    I Think i works very good, i got attacked by lvl 6 troops they only got 1 elix storage.

  • Ian
    17 months ago

    I've used this and I got attacked the DE drill side, the BK and Clan Castle troops never once came out. It's too far apart.

  • 17 months ago

    It's not bad, but not great either. The Clan Castle is not central enough, so it will be very easy for attackers to lure out the troops in it and kill them outside the defenses' range. The left side Mortar and top side Wizard Tower are too exposed.

  • 17 months ago

    left Mortar is too exposed imho

    1. sWitch your left Gold Storage with the Archer Tower above
    2. sWitch that Archer Tower with Mortar

  • 17 months ago