Clash of Clans Builder Wants YOU!

  • Sep 18, 2014 (45 months ago)

    Calling all ambitious Clash of Clans Builder users!

    We are currently on the hunt for moderators. As a moderator your duties basically revolve around making our site more fun and intractable. We want users to feel like they are being noticed and spoken to and in most cases, having fun. We'd love to see more people on the site and I think through good community and interaction that is very easy to achieve. If you think you have what it takes to be a Clash of Clans Moderator, Private Message Wightsage

    Here are some of the qualities that we require of our moderators:

    • Be knowledgeable with our site
    • The ability to write coherent responses
    • Strong understanding of the game
    • An eye for detail to correct any incorrect information
    • Desire to help the site grow

    • Here are the main tasks of the moderation gig:

      • Deleting inappropriate comments and threads
      • Answering users questions in the forums and comments
      • Starting new and useful threads
      • Rating and commenting on bases and guides
      • Just getting people interested in speaking more
      • Ensuring our data is correct
      • Letting Wightsage know of any nefarious plots of douchebag users
      • Promote our site, link it, embed stuff, do what you can

      • Why would you want to be a moderator? I have no idea... but if you're the kind of person that likes to make something a little better and you have the skills to do it then by all means, you will be a moderator.

        The meager things we can do for you:

        • Other members will see your responses in a different color that only staff have
        • Free Premium member features (not yet implemented)
        • You can hear about new features to the site before they come out
        • Your name on the staff page
        • Your words will have more emphasis being that you would be staff

        • Admittedly, it's a thankless job with no glory. Well, we'll thank you but for the most part you're doing it because you think it should be done. If you were to accept the role without thinking it over, you should give it a moment or two to ensure that you really want to take on that responsibility.
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    do you think i can help by putting your website on instagram?