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  • Apr 09, 2015 (39 months ago)

    Game Review With Neggs and Qube

    Ahh Yea! Neggs is unleashing the knowledge of his extensive background with mobile gaming by reviewing games that you may or may not have heard of. Tune in to our Neggs Network YouTube channel to watch in game action while Neggs and Qube provide commentary on several different games that you would never think Neggs would play. His comedic approach will keep you laughing and begging for more!



    Neggs VS Bread Kittens

    What is going on? I'm so confused, Neggs VS Bread Kittens!? WHAT? You've heard it right boys and girls. Check out  Neggs talking mad smack while him and Qube take on the worlds most abserd game, Bread Kittens. Meander with them through their triumphant battles vs.... kittens? Learn how baking bread increases the strength of your...head? I don't know, watch on to learn more.




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