Clash of Clans Builder Presents: The ClashCast Podcast

  • Mar 12, 2015 (39 months ago)

    Episode 15 - Clash Tools

    Rob & Scott join forces with Navel (AKA @CoCRecruitment) and talk about some of the awesome online tools to help with your clash game, like Clash Of Clans Builder, Clash Calculator, and more. Plus we ask the question "Why any clan would want to be a strict farming clan these days?" (SPOILER, They shouldn't).

    Get to know Rob and Scott

    Rob is a frequent listener of several podcasts. He says that, "There's too many to list." Some of his all time favorites are Nerdist, The Indoor Kids, Jonah Raydio, The Skeptic Guide to The Universe, & RadioLab. We asked Rob out of all the podcasts out there, is there any particular one that you would want to be. He replied with "The only real topics I know enough about to be on a podcast would be a music podcast like Sharing Needles with Friends, or maybe a web development podcast like Codepen Radio."

    Rob and Scott started their very first podcast back in November of last year. But before they went live, they discussed doing a podcast for almost two years.

    They created their podcast out of the pure love for Clash of Clans. Rob states that, "He's had conversations about Clash with just about everyone from Restaurant waiters, to hospice nurses."

    Scott actually got Rob into playing Clash in April of 2013. By the time he actually joined a clan, he was already a high level roller, dumping wizards in his CC. Years ago, he use to play vaguely similar games online called Kingdom of Camelot, he claims, "They pale in comparison." Another genre of games that he indulges in on his off time is retro style games, like FEZ, Megaman etc. He also often enjoys mobile games such as TwoDots, 2048, Bicolor and Sudoku.

    To hear more by Rob and Scott check out their website here :

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    Logan Hensley

    lvl 2: Hog "Rider"
    I get them this advertisement opportunity and they kick me out of their clan. lol. thats great. good for you wightsage