YouTube Section gets new features!

  • Feb 04, 2015 (40 months ago)

    Our very own personal builders here on CoCB, have been very hard at work making things a bit easier for our users. We have recently updated our YouTube section with a few new functionality tools and fancy features. Making life all that more convenient here on CoCB.

    More Videos then you could even imagine

    We have updated all of our channels, adding an additional 5,000 plus Clash of Clans videos. Now you have all the latest Clash of Clans videos right at your fingertips! Fantastic, I know.

    Now I can find the videos I am looking for!

    In addition to adding a boat load of new videos to our video section, we realize that it is very difficult to sift through thousands of videos to find the one you are looking for. So to make your Clash of Clans video searching experience easier we have implemented a fancy new filtering tool. If you are looking for videos about archers, all you have to do is type Archers in the search box and our filtering system will list all of the Archer videos for every YouTube channel in our YouTube section! Here are some more examples of other terms you can easily search:

    Barching Videos can be found here
    GoWipe Videos can be found here
    Valkyie Videos can be found here
    Town Hall Level 8 Videos can be found here
    Mortar Videos can be found here

    Clash of Clans Builder and Partnered YouTube Channels

    Over the next couple of months you will notice that we will be featuring different YouTube channels on our site! There are so many different YouTube personalities out there that we want to share with you! During the week of the featured channel, we will have a bad ass emblem next to the Channels panel on the listing page. Check out their latest videos to hear a bit about our site and their ingenious knowledge of Clash of Clans strategies.

    Subscribing to your favorite channel was never so easy

    Since we have decided to partner up with several different YouTube channels, we thought it would be awesome for our users to conveniently be able to subscribe to their channels by adding a Subscribe button to each video on the partnered channels, in our YouTube section. I don't think it gets much easier than this! Show some YouTube love and subscribe away!

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    lvl 3: Teslafried Chicken
    @ juandeantoniodelarod - Dear Batman,
    Thank you for your inquiry about the horny butterflies swallowing pepperoni. At this time we will not be investigating the notebook you dropped on the ground, or how best to roller cook "biendo". If you have any more questions feel free to whistle. Oo elephant!
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    lvl 7: Mortar Humper
    Wow, this sounds sweet, probably took you guys a long time! Either that or you used something to add them all :P.
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    lvl 1: Loincloth
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