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  • Jun 10, 2014 (49 months ago)

    If you're like me (if you have any measure of sanity, you're not) and you play Clash of Clans, you probably play a few other games to ensure you are a well-rounded mobile gaming girl-magnet. I have personally been enjoying a fine vintage of Samurai Siege for quite some time now. Why, you ask? I shall tell you.


    Samurai Siege has Ninjas. Look I'm sure the rest of the game is fine and good but we're talking about Ninjas here! Not only that but they throw little ninja stars and are crazy fast! Did I mention they are little ninja FEMALES? I know, I know, let's breath and count to 10 here. One, Two, Three... foUR, FIVE NINJAS! Blam, that loot is so mine!Alright, alright, the game has more than just hot, ninjas star shooting female ninjas (but it doesn't really need to, I mean everything else is overkill at this point). This game has a very solid casual crowd and I have to admit, I'm extremely impressed by the constant stream of events and the interaction between Space Ape Games (the people who make Samurai Siege) and the playerbase. When events take place, every single player in the game is notified of who the current leaders are (be it alliance or player), just what they are leading in and who is close behind. I find it really awesome that Space Ape Games pays so much attention to the players and has an in-game feed to notify everyone how the events are going and adding a little of their own commentary to the mix.

    There are also very unique high level items that some very lucky players receive during the events that make them totally ninjas-level badass. How about a dragon statue building that does nothing but when broken it releases a dragon (reinforcement style) to defend your base? Now imagine that you won this item during an event and it gives you an advantage over other players due to its rarity... Yeah, that's pretty badass and there are other items just like it! You know what? I'm giving you breadcrumbs here but you need to the whole friggin loaf. I'm going to go ahead and breakdown the difference between Clash of Clans and Samurai Siege and how you can get acclimated to Samurai Siege with your already expert level understand of Clash of Clans.

    But before that... Win 10,000 Samurai Siege Diamonds

    It's as simple as creating your village to our Samurai Siege Builder! Start by creating an account with Samurai Siege Neggs Network, then create your base designs. We randomly select a winner a base (levels 3 - 9) and we will select two winners for the most creative contest entries!

    • Must have a valid Neggs Network account with working email address
    • Must create your plan within contest time and dates
    • Account must have a legitimate email address (in case you are a lucky winner)
    • Duplicating other users plans is not original (we'll check)
    • Spamming the same plan (or very similar variations of the same plan) will result in a removal of all plans by that user.
    • Be creative and have FUN!

    • For the castle prize entries selection:
      • Must be a legitimate base plan
      • Must use all wall units

      • For the creative prize entries entries:
        • Must be awesome
        • Have fun & be creative
        • Does not have to be a base design specifically, could be art
        • Make sure your base type is categorized as Contest

        • Prizes:
          Castle design (level 3 - 9, randomly selected) - 5,000 Diamonds
          Most creative base designs - 5,000 Diamonds each

          Winner Selection:
          We will randomly select the winners for the castle design randomly and we will manually select the most creative base designs.

          Transitioning to Samurai Siege from Clash of Clans

          Single Player Campaign

          At the lower levels of the game, Samurai Siege appears to be a Ninja/Samurai version of Clash of Clans with the exception of a very well implemented Single Player campaign. The cool part about the single player campaign is that it is very well integrated with the multiplayer campaign. What I mean is you have to participate in the single player campaign to gain access to build certain structures (usually defensive) or unlock new troop types. Okay, let's get into an example:
          You have a level 3 Castle and you haven't done anything in the single player campaign. You want to build your Cannon but alas, you cannot. You'll need to go through a few single player levels to obtain it and then you'll be able to build the Cannon in your main base. This may sound confining (and I'm sure to some players it is) but what it cleverly does is allows you to play different kinds of troops, in different ways. Some single player campaign missions are similar to Clash of Clans, some require certain honor quotas, some cost Jade (aka Gold), some are puzzle missions (my favorite) that give you a specific number of troops, an objective and see if you can figure out how to pull it off. These usually award players with diamonds. As new scrolls are added into the game (aka Spells in Clash of Clans) they will be obtained by defeating the new single player campaigns that accompany their arrival. They usually have a little story line and some dialogue but usually it's quick, fun and very entertaining.

          Alliance Perks

          I love these things. Your Alliance has experience levels. Your combined effort as a team will increase your Alliance's levels and sometimes when doing so, it will give a passive "perk" to every member of the Alliance. The perks are fairly diverse, such as: troop damage, resource boosts, building hit points, unique decorations, etc. The perks stop at level 99 (Troop Damage + 30%) so there's always something to strive for as a team. Oh, you also get free Diamonds when your Alliance levels up.


          The events are just straight up awesome! They are extremely diverse and happen all the time. While the big events are generally alliance oriented with rewards that are far more enticing than simple currency (such as the unique items I mentioned above), there are also small ones during the week. These events can dramatically change the way the game plays. Let me list a few events right off the top of my head:

          • Change a specific troop's building priority (aka, ninjas/goblins will attack defenses)
          • A troop may get a new kind of weapon, such as Flaming Swords
          • You loot twice as much while the victim loses only half
          • The event may make way for new content (happens often) such as a new troop type
          • The event may half the honor (aka Trophies) required to complete single player missions
          • A certain building may cost half price for all upgrades
          • Troop creation times are halved

          • All events have a limited duration that range anywhere from 1 hour to multiple days. The big alliance events generally occur on the weekends. The coolest thing is that they announce the winners of each event and a little commentary on the progress of the event to EVERY PLAYER IN THE GAME via the in-game news feed. No matter who you are, you most likely read this news and you'll quickly learn who the event winners are. Sometimes they just randomly award specific players in the events due to their involvement during the event, which I think is pretty cool.

            Troop and Building Weapons

            Another major difference between Clash of Clans and Samurai Siege is the option of choosing an alternative means of attack of a structure. In Clash of Clans with the X-Bow or the Inferno Tower you can choose one of two different means of attack. You can do the same in Samurai Siege but you can actually upgrade each type of attack. So if you want your Cannons to have a chance to freeze their targets (but do lower overall damage) and if you want your archer towers
            to shoot more than one enemy (but do lower single shot damage) or even knock enemies back, it shall be done! You can also enhance your troops in a similar fashion. Troops like Samurais can wield Flaming Swords and those swords can be upgraded to make them more powerful.These optional enhancements give you one more level of granularity to focus on as you maximize the potential of your army and defense and I'm a totally diggin it.

            Loot Intake

            Your resource buildings earn much faster with a higher capacity than in Clash of Clans so you can typically earn faster when attacking bases. You certainly feel the gain and armies of nothing but Ninjas are a devastating thing (but hey, they're ninjas so we already knew that).


            When someone destroys your Town Hall in Clash of Clans you get a nice long 12 hour shield. In Samurai Siege, upon the destruction of your Castle, you get a 30 minute shield. So taking the easy way out when farming doesn't always work out so well so you're rewarded more when you actually participate in the game rather than giving someone the opportunity to destroy your Castle for no work.

            Loot Items

            One very minor feature (though very helpful) is your ability to gain loot items while attacking. Don't go too crazy here, what I mean to say is that when you destroy a Castle (ie: Town Hall) you will get a random loot item. Once you complete the set you can turn them in for a temporary Cannon (ie: Mortar) or Mercenary Camp. You'll get these for two days or until you've created more by looting the appropriate items. The Cannon's benefit is obvious, you get another Cannon to add in to your base and the Mercenary Camp basically gives you 5 Samurai's that will be an additional army option when battling other opponents (kind of like Clan Castle). These are useful items but don't REALLY change the affects of the game too much. Just a fun little difference.


            One other kind of cool thing is you can change the homeland of your base. Be it grassland, rocky mountains or beach you can change where your base resides. It doesn't give you an overt advantages but it does change your base's look and feel up and some of the homelands can only be obtained via event, which gives your base a further unique vibe if you are fortunate enough to obtain that homeland.

            My Final Thoughts

            I love Clash of Clans and whattya know, I love Samurai Siege. The games are cut from the same cloth but the cool thing about Samurai Siege was that it decided to innovate in some ways that Clash did not, rather than taking the easy way out and just cloning an already fun game. Samurai Siege has its own advantages over Clash of Clans and if I was a high level player/alliance that wanted to be officially recognized for my efforts, I'd be playing Samurai Siege. However I am not a high level player, I'm just a guy with a level 28 base that takes parts in some events and has a damn good time. I've always loved the events in Samurai Siege and I've always felt that their randomness is something that kept me logging in.

            If I were you, I'd be enjoying not one, but two badass games and I'd probably be logging into the one with freakishly attractive, red headed ninja females a lot more often. I know there are at least a dozen ninjas are hiding on this page right now, thoseninjas are so crafty Samurai Siege rules. You should play it, you will love it. Oh and of course we have a builder for Samurai Siege, you can find the Samurai Siege builder here:


            - Neggs

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