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  • Dec 08, 2014 (43 months ago)

    Once upon a time, in a magical land full of purple unicorns and bright colored fairies, there lived a beautiful princess... NOT! This story is more like fairies being decapitated by a fleet of warriors. As heavies use unicorns limbs to take out the Town Hall. Scrap all of your hopes, dreams and thoughts of anything magical as you read Boom Beaches Most Epic Story Ever Told! This heart pumping epic thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat right from the beginning.

    This story is a collaboration from our very own Boom Beach Community and has been edited by the NeggsNetwork team for your reading pleasure. Thank you all for your entries and molding together the most epic boom beach story ever told!

    Winners Announcment!

    • 1st Place Winner Most Creative Entry - Seira
      "HQ was destroyed and villagers were freed, songs of victory goes loud through the Island.
      But the blackguards manage to escape at the very last moment and seeking refuge to a much Bigger and Highly Defensive Island that has NEVER been conquered by any Commander in the history of this Glorious war, for this Base was forge and plan by Lt. Hammerman's defensive strategist in collaboration with Dr. Terror's technology of madness. A Great Commander is needed with brave warriors and soldiers , willing to give it all for freedom. The only question is who will it be and what will he do to defeat this pair of evil en slaver."

    • 2nd Place Winner Most Relevant Entry - Tagaloa
      "Idol energy coursing through the veins, we will be unstoppable. We need gems, we need wood, we need stone, and steel. Give no quarter! Boom this Beach to obliteration!"

    • 3rd Place Winner Most Witty - furyr
      "The holy feeling inside when you drop all of your very first batch of poor rifles infront of badass backyards was cocktail...still remember #theEpicMoment"

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      Boom Beach, Most Epic Story Ever Told

      As their feet hit the sand, the deafening sound of mortar fire quickly became a harsh reality!
      The panic in their hearts caused chaos and fear as they ran as fast as they could, closer and closer to the first of the bases defensive line. Further, they fought their way, helping their comrades advance through the endless lines of barricades and defenses; the feeling of triumph filled their hearts with joy and bravery... It all ended abruptly when the sound of a super mortar blast resonated through the rainy clouds...Every little soldier that could not escape died in an instant.

      “Hey, Heavies. Take the shots from the rocket launcher or we will not win!”, said the heavy commandant. “Zookas be ready to lock and load! Stay behind the heavies and make sure and set aim to total annihilation!”

      A group of native warriors, whose land was taken away from them for decades by Hammerman, heard all this noise and saw this was their chance to reclaim their land, and so they jumped out of the woods yelling at the top of their lungs and charged at this indestructible HQ. A few seconds later, smoke...One minute later...HQ on fire.The warriors ran past the defenses to the headquarters with great speed and determination, creating chaos and destruction with every blow of their mighty hammers; using a smoke screen and a shock bomb, they only had a limited amount of time to take it down. Then... BOOM, the smoke cleared and what was left was the ashes of a successful raid... the WaRRioRs had done it! They were victorious and won two medals!

      A lot of loot was transferred to the home village and the attacked village was free once again! But the warriors weren't finished, they were going on a new adventure.The Warriors new adventure was very difficult and giving them big loots so they easily upgraded their sculpture so they could give power powder to the statute and start an attack; with one warrior remaining, the HQ was destroyed. As their new adventure began, they were full of joy and pride from their past victory, but were still eager to destroy more of Hammerman’s dirty plans.Then the sound stopped, smoke all around, silence bared the sounds of running feet!

      All of a sudden the ground started shaking.The deafening noise started and the screams of Terror started again. Dr. Terror has Landed! The Warriors sped quickly and viciously in their lightning charged hovercraft through the tormenting waters on to the raging island of TERROR. Twenty back aching stages to go! Would they succeed or would they FAIL?! The warriors charged ahead through the thick smoke, sprinting as quick as they could towards the bright pink light of the flare! Warriors grab your mallets and prepare for battle. First smoke, then their feet hit the sand, then a flare and more smoke led them to the HQ. Once the smoke cleared they began to hit the HQ and several seconds later the victory was theirs!!!!!! The HQ was destroyed and villagers were freed, songs of victory went loud through the Island. But the blackguards managed to escape at the very last moment and sought refuge to a much Bigger and Highly Defensive Island that has NEVER been conquered by any Commander in the history of the Glorious war. For this Base was forged and planed by Lt. Hammerman's defensive strategist in collaboration with Dr. Terror's technology of madness.

      The warriors arise and attempt to destroy the islands of Lt Hammerman, not realizing that Dr. Terror has something up his sleeve. Dr. Terror with his defensive strategies wipes out nearly half of the warriors, sending them back to their headquarters, and Dr. Terror takes his laughs and prepares more evil fatalities and machines. As the rifleman's feel the harsh fate that they will take bravely, they heard the sound of electricity passing through them."It's a shock bomb!", a riflemen shouted.The shock bomb hit the Super Mortar and gave them enough time to take everything.Their hopes went up and they destroyed everything that they can take, leaving no buildings standing! Their face, determined, yet afraid.Their feet, swift, yet crumbling.Their mind, working, yet clueless, as they continued to walk into the harsh forests, with death awaiting their destiny.

      Still, they determined, and never give up, as somewhere in the base of their heart, they know that victory is at the threshold of death.A single ball of fire exploded on their tiny heads killing many of their types, their future full of smoke, but still moving forward. They saw those huge buildings firing at them continuously, began to lose hope. But when they saw the fire on that huge building, hopelessness suddenly changed into determination, smoke cleared out, leaving bright and shiny days ahead. After utter destruction and an annihilating victory, the soldiers banged their big buff guns and swag like strolled off the beach while booming their viscous victorious voices. As they walk off the beach back to their boats all of a sudden they hear the *wumph* *wumph* *wumph* of a barrage being fired, they turn and look out to the waters and see hammerman in a Enormous Gunboat. That was where the barrage came from they thought. But no the barrage came from their own gunboat which fired it onto hammermans boat. The holy feeling inside when you drop all of your very first batch of poor rifles in front of bad ass backyards was cocktail...still remember #theEpicMoment

      The troops on the island heard this loud rumbling chant HEAVIES, RIFLEMEN, ZOOKAS....... HEAVIES, RIFLEMEN, ZOOKAS.....THE 3 BIG MILESTONE FROM GUNBOAT SWARMED THEORY DEFENSES..... THE SMOKE....... THE ELECTRIC SHOCK… BULLETS SPRAYING EVERYWHERE then it got quite........... BOOM!!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!! BEACH !!!!!!!

      After all, the anagram for Boom Beach is A Bomb Echo.

      As they start to head for land, ready to give the enemies hell, a mortar kills half of the troops the sniper bringing hell to the soldiers then the missile from the battleship destroyed the sniper then it fired more missiles destroying their defense the soldiers ran into the mines and headed for the base but 6 boom canons it fired destroying the soldiers but they kept fighting like hell like there was no tomorrow. By the time the healer is in the troops, they are already dead by the mortars! idol energy coursing through the veins, we will be unstoppable. We need gems, we need wood, we need stone, and steel. Give no quarter! Boom this Beach to obliteration!

      They arrived at their sandy beach only having limited supplies we need to get ready soon they will start attacking who will be attacking to captain?" ask black guard and his men will get on it he said we don't have all the he said yes sir they got there defenses up that night they were attacked but they defended the beach we all knew they would be back..Just when the mortar hit your army, your last hope to save your troops will be critical! all of the sudden what do you know a medic kit fires from the boat two the troops to heal them after that blow from the mortar. BOOM, did buildings go as the soldier quickly hurried to the front lines, thinking, will i make it out alive? With the cannons absorbed the blow but the they won't be as lucky next time.

      The End.

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