Tactics Time Smash!

  • Nov 17, 2014 (43 months ago)

    Tactics Wapow!

    As you all may already know, the lords of Neggsnetwork has blessed us with a badass, kiss your grandma match three game. This mind blowing addition to Neggsnetwork has brought hope to children all over the world. Smiles and happiness. Tears of undeniable joy while matching three or more skulls to do just that much more damage to your opponent. The inescapable satisfying sound of the skulls laughter will be so mind blowing it will shatter reality as you know it. During game play, you will be given several skills to help you with your opponents demise. Use them wisely. During your intense, white knuckle game you will be able to access the help tab. This tab will allow you refer to the different types of skills the game has to offer.

    How to Win Some Swag

    Over the next week we will be running a contest for the fastest Tactics game time played. That's right, fastest time played. We know this is not an easy feat, but we have faith in you. The top three winners will receive free credibility points! Everything tastes better when it's free. So check out the fastest time played section to know where your competition lies and get to matchin'


    Contest Start Date: 11/14/14
    Contest End Date: 3/24/15


    • Only submission are the games played between Contest Dates
    • Play your heart out
    • Have fun
    • Beat your opponent's ass

    • Congratulations to our Winners!

      • 1st Place Winner - 200 Credibility Points
      • 2nd Place Winner - 100 Credibility Points
      • 3rd Place Winner - 50 Credibility Points

      • ****CLOSED****
    Posted 40 months ago


    lvl 1: Loincloth
    Posted 43 months ago


    lvl 2: Hog "Rider"
    Ugh RNG is not in my favour today ;-;
    Just lost 2 in a row D:
    Posted 43 months ago


    lvl 6: Giant Sideburns
    How do you post your "play tactics" link?