Boom Beach Global Release!

  • Jun 10, 2014 (48 months ago)

    Boom Beach is Live!

    Thursday March 27th, 10:44 AM

    Boom Beach has just gone live! You can find it in the App Store for all geographical regions and start getting your game on! WOoHOoo!

    That being said, we've got your Boom Beach Builder tool for your greedy little gamer hands. There are already over a hundred plans up there. Create your own base,
    look at others, destroy your opponents, sieze the day, all that, ra ra!

    You can also visit the guide below to get a better idea on how to transition from Clash of Clans to Boom Beach.

    Boom Beach

    Boom Beach going live very soon!

    Saturday March 1st, 11:44 AM

    Boom Beach just had a massive graphical overhaul and the fact that they recently released news that they'd be launching in March means that everyone will be able to play Boom Beach very, very soon!

    We're working hard over at Boom Beach Builder on the graphical updates and we're hoping to have everything up to date in the next few days. Boom Beach looks much more complete
    and it's going to be a blockbuster!

    Boom Beach Builder Live: Build your Boom Beach base online!

    Tuesday January 8th, 12:44 AM

    The Boom Beach Builder is now live and ready for all of your greedy Boom Beach needs! If you're not familiar with Boom Beach, it's Supercell's (the company that brought you Clash of Clans)
    newest game that is currently in Beta. It's a blend of clash of clans base build/setup with a more tactical AI that you can 'manage' while the battle is occuring. It's extremely fun and addictive.

    Boom Beach is currently only available in the Canadian App Store but if you were so inclined I'm sure that could be resourceful enough to find a way to download it from the app store.
    coughGOOGLE"CHANGINGITUNESCOUNTRY"cough! So since the vast majority of you probably haven't gotten a chance to play it yet, I thought I'd give you a mini-review of what the game is like,
    what problems it solved and frankly, how we all won't be able to stop playing it in the next six months.

    To start us off, here's an image of my current base (that I made with the Boom Beach Builder):

    Introduction to Boom Beach aka Boom Beach vs Clash of Clans

    One Builder

    There are a few key differences when comparing Boom Beach to Clash of Clans. The first (and hardest to deal with) is that you will have only one builder (max). While this will make you mentally struggle to regain your sanity,
    I assure you, you'll get used to it. The key thing to remember is that the upgrade times are vastly shorter than Clash of Clans and the upgrade times don't really double. Boom Beach upgrade times slowely increment. For instance, in Clash of Clans
    it's likely that your structure upgrade times could go from 10 minutes, to 30 minutes to 1 hour to 3 hours to 7 hours to 12 hours to 1 day. In Boom Beach it'll be more like 10 minutes, to 30 minutes, to 1 hour, to 1 hour, 15 minutes,
    to 1 hour, 45 minutes, to 2 hours, etc. This is relevant because you'll be able to upgrade a lot more structures in the span of a day than you could if you had only a single builder in Clash of Clans

    On a brighter side, people who chose not to buy gems will now be able to feel smug that others won't progress as fast. Well they can, it'll just be harder to visually deduce whether or not they bought gems. But yes, everyone will have the
    same number of builders in Boom Beach.

    Reusable Troops

    This is probably the most welcome change from Clash of clans but when you send your troops into battle, if they survive the battle, you don't have to re-purchase them. So let's say for instance you're playing Clash of Clans and you spent
    120k on 4 P.E.K.K.A.s and they went in and obliterated a base. None of the P.E.K.K.A.s died and you got a ton of loot. Then you queue up for another battle and poof, you still have your P.E.K.K.A.s! That's how Boom Beach plays it so rather
    than limiting the better units to only trophy farming, you can actively use them at any part of the game. If you're good with surviving battles without casualties then playing with the more expensive units will probably be more beneficial to you.

    Gunship Abilities

    The Gunship is really what seperates Boom Beach away from Clash of Clans. Boom Beach has abilities that you can use at any time during the battle. You start with an energy capacity and each ability costs a specific amount of energy. Once
    used that cost goes up for that ability (during that battle). There are offensive abilities like Mortar and Artillery and defensive abilities like Heal, Stun and Smoke Bomb. The most interesting though is Flare. Flare is a cheap ability that allows you to either
    tell all of your troops to attack a single structure or to tell them to move to a specific place on the map. If used properly the Flare will allow you to circumvent the enemy's defenses and save your troops from potentially catastrophic situations.

    That being said, all battles start off with Mortars and Artillery destroying a few key defensive structures and then troops are deployed and usually directed with flares. It's just a lot more interactive from a player's perspective. It's very

    No Walls

    Boom Beach doesn't allow you to place walls. That's right, no matter how high of a level your town hall is, you will not be able to place walls. So a good base defense is vastly more about how you place your defenses and defenseless
    structures and how the opponents navigate your base. For instance, you can't just place your defenses in front of your Headquarters and expect it to be safe. The opponent will simply navigate around your defenses (with Flares), come in from
    behind your Headquarters (where its defense is weak) and win. Which is why you'll need to re-think what you know about base construction altogether. You'll get beat up by another player and when you watch the replay you'll realize how
    silly your base defense is. It gives a lot more emphasis on tactics than the amount of gold you've put into your walls (coughCLASHOFCLANScough).

    One Objective: destroy the Headquarters

    In Boom Beach trophies are called "medals" and you earn them by defeating single player levels (that appear randomly as you play) or other players. To do so though, you must destroy the Headquarters of the opponent's base.
    There's no partial completion when obtaining victory. It's all or none. If you destroy your opponent's Headquarters, you get the loot, the medal, perhaps a shard, everything. If you fail to destroy the Headquarters, you get nothing.
    Since there are no walls and the way the game plays, this isn't that hard of a thing to do (in comparison to Clash of Clans) but it's certainly different.


    Statues are one of my favorite parts of the Boom Beach. You can find four different types of shards randomly by destroying bases: Life (helps you with resource collection), Ice (helps bolster base defenses), Magma (helps bolster your troops) and
    Dark (helps with shard collection and gunship energy, oh my!). Each statue has three different tiers: Common, Guardian and Masterpiece. Once you obtain 7 shards of any tier of any type of shard you can create a statue via the sculptor. What statue you
    receive is determined randomly as is the beneficial value it gives. So a Common Life statue could give you 4% production boost to gold, a 6% production boost to gold or an 8% production boost to gold (among other things). You'll always be making
    statues to see if you can get the best random attribute possible for a given statue. Yes, I want a single statue that increases my gold production by 60%. Sign me up! Everytime you level your sculptor you can place another statue on your base.
    These statues can drastically alter the way you defend a base or attack one. The fact that you can gain energy capacity (Dark shards, gunship boost) is so friggin badass it makes me want to dance the jig.

    Trophy Loss: Minimal

    Perhaps this is just me but I find it's a lot easier to gain trophies (well, Medals in Boom Beach) than to lose them. It's because the random single player misssions pop up all the time you can gain 1 - 2 medals from each mission.
    Every once in a while you lose to an opponent but if you're playing the game actively, you should beat just as many as you lose to, so I don't feel like PvP heavily impacts your performance in medal earning. Boom Beach is setup for a very
    slow medal gain. As I write this, the top player has 695 medals (and yes, he has spent a ton of money on gems). You just don't gain trophies very quickly but you certainly don't lose them quickly either.


    Currently there is an event that pops up every few days: Dr. Terror! He'll suddenly become available on your world map and he'll sit there for two or three days. He'll start out at level 8 and if you defeat him, he'll still be on your world map
    but he'll now be level 10. This process of defeat, reincarnation will continue until his base is too hardcore for your troops to handle. If beaten he gives pretty decent resource totals but he also has a very high chance of giving you Dark shards.
    Dark shards give you statues that boost your Crystal Obtainment chances as well as Gunship Energy Capacity (oooo, ahhh!). So taking Dr. Terror to the limit is well worth your time.

    Single Player Integration: seamless

    You don't have to avoid or embrace the single player element of the game, it just occurs. The single player missions occur randomly throughout your day. You may login to have one or more single player missions. They take a minute or two to
    defeat and give you a small amount of loot, medals and if you're lucky, a shard. They are just small amounts of fuel to push you through the game. You always want to participate in the single player and as you level your troops, you'll
    see the single player missions as 'easy loot'.

    Base Layout: different

    One of the more unique things about Boom Beach is the way your base's island is laid out. It's not a square, it's kind of a large rectangle with obstructions (that you can't clear). When you attack another person's base you can only land
    on the beach which is a horizontal strip at the bottom of the island. You can't land behind the base or to the side, just the beach. You can then navigate your troops around upon landing. It layout grows on you pretty fast though.

    Twice the Levels

    Clash of Clans Headquarters maxes at 10? Boom Beach says 20! Boom Beach says 20 on almost all of the structures actually. Don't stress it though, remember what I said about half the upgrade time? It's very similar with the cost of upgrades.
    It's just a way to say that there are a lot more levels to structures, those structure levels take less time to build, for a lot less resources and you'll have a lot more structures to play with in the end.

    Here is an example of the Headquarter levels

    5 Resources

    You'll need to collect 4, make that 5 resources! Gold, Wood, Stone, Iron and Shards. The first four will come from looting opposing bases and collecting resources from your base. Shards will also come from looting bases however it will come more seldomly and out of the 4 types of shards
    you can find, each base can only drop one type (and that type is selected randomly). Gold will allow you to upgrade your troops and explore more of the world map. Wood, Iron and Stone will be used to purchase upgrades for your buildings. You
    can also collect Wood and Stone from chopping down trees or breaking boulders but that is somewhat finite. Since you can't really target a base's resource structures anymore (its all or none), earning resources is pretty much on auto pilot as you play
    the game. You can however boost the amount of resources you receive with statues (as previously mentioned).

    My Annoyances

    A review is never just praise and admiration. There are some things in Boom Beach that I feel need to be addressed. The main thing... the game is addictive. I want to play! I want to PvP my ass off! The problem is, I can't just go in, find an opponent and then
    fight, I have to wait for one to 'attack' me or discover a new opponent via exploration. While I relish the concept of not hitting 'NEXT' a million times to find a suitable opponent and I love reusable troops, they do play against each other. Since I have troops
    that never expend themselves (if I'm careful), if I were able to just find my opponents over and over again, I would rack up some serious resources, super fast. In Clash of Clans this process would be slowed down due to you having to retrain your troops after each
    battle but in Boom Beach, you can just use the surviving troops. What I'm trying to say here is that you get to play Boom Beach for 5-15 minutes then you have to put it down for an hour and wait for someone or something to intiate a battle with you. You come back,
    you fight for 2 minutes and then you wait for another hour. I want to play more, right now, there's no way of controlling your involvement beyond waiting for a random mechanism to allow you to participate. Very annoying.

    No Clans just yet. I'm sure they are coming but it's obvious the benefit may not be the same. Perhaps you'll get a new boat that will allow you to take donated troops into battle? Not sure. Right now though there is no communication with other players, no chat and
    no building for housing donated troops. It may just be a stage of the beta but right now, no clans.

    Negg's thoughts on Boom Beach

    All of these opinions should be lightly. Boom Beach is still in beta stage and some of the features I talked about above may very well change before it's officially released. I do think that Supercell looked at the core problems of Clas of Cland and
    took a very active approach on fixing them:

    • I want to use better troops but I'm not trophy hunting
    • I hate hitting NEXT a million times to find the right opponent
    • Why do I lose my troops when they survive?
    • What's the point of the single player campaigns?
    • I want to have more control over my troops once they are deployed
    • I want to take more of an active roll in combat
    • I hate working so hard to gain trophies then losing 40 in a single loss

    • All of the above problems they tried to resolve (and so far as I can tell, did a pretty decent job). The bottom line is: I am impressed. I can't wait to see future updates and I do know that Boom Beach will be a rather impressive game to follow once it's released.
      Anyone who enjoyed Clash of Clans will love Boom Beach.

      Negg's Boom Beach Guides

      I've written some beginner's guides to Boom Beach and if you care to take a look, you can find them in our Boom Beach Guides section:

      Beginner Base Defense

      Beginner's Offense

      Intimidation Levels

      Boom Beach Cooldowns

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