Clash of Clans March Update

Update: Hog Riders Incoming!

The final image is revealed and yes, we have Hog Riders.

"Having tamed the fierce leaping hog, the Hog Rider punishes those who hide behind their puny walls! Fueled by Dark Elixir, these warriors have never known defeat!

Certainly does look like we're getting a Dark Elixir Barracks, doesn't it? I would have to assume with offense getting so powerful that we'll see some additions to defense, if not a turret addition here or there or new levels on some structures. I'm more interested to see if they are going to do anything with Dark Elixir costs/production in general. It's going to be very hard to level your heroes and pay for special dark elixir forces on average raids. Perhaps we'll see the update tomorrow and all will be revealed.

Update: Wallbreaker AI Improved

So it looks like they've really improved Wall Breaker AI (so much so they now take up 2 house spots). So now instead of rather confusing wall breaker targets, they either go for a "T joint" in your base (where two lines of walls meet) or they just go directly forward towards the target. I would assume the "T joint" target will get priority over moving straight to the target so there is probably still ways to confuse the little guys, they will just be more costly in walls. Either way, this certainly means a lot of us will have to go back to the drawing board with our designs.

From the discussion located here

Upcoming Wall Breaker changes:
  • Wall Breakers and other troops can be deployed on top of flags and decorations, so no more getting lost in a sea of flags
  • Wall Breakers will ignore "spikes" and other wall pieces in front of the main wall (image above)
  • These crafty new Wall Breakers will demand more elbow room, so they will take up two camp spaces

You can see the video here.

We're still waiting on the unmasking of the 3rd character today and perhaps we'll see an update this weekend.

Update: Valkyrie has arrived!

"This master of the two handed axe wreaks havoc with the great power of Dark Elixir. She'll crush all troops, walls and buildings in her path with her mighty whirlwind strike!"

Yet another Hero-esque type unit. Sounds like she does area of affect melee damage (which would be a first in Clash of Clans). It also leads me to believe she's a Hero rather than a Dark Elixir Barracks unit. Furthermore, on the topic of Dark Elixir Barracks, I just don't think that's plausible given the current state of the game. Unless they drastically reduce cost on hero leveling and increase Dark Elixir production, not many people would spend their hard earned Dark Elixir to supply their army camps with expendable troops. The resource just isn't modeled in such a fashion. Then again, who knows? We'll see more in tommorrow around 6 pm Eastern.

Update: Minion Ho!

So we've got a content release coming next week and Supercell was kind enough to give us some teaser imagery on their Clash of Clans Facebook page. They are 'uncovering' the image day by day so hopefully it will be fully uncovered be by this weekend. Here's the scoop on the blue guy:

"The Minion! This terrible scourge of the skies was born out of Dark Elixir. Minions rain destruction with ease, but are fragile in our world."

So he "flies" which mean's he's probably a troop of some sort and he cost Dark Elixir, which certainly leads us to believe a Hero. It would appear he's a glass cannon as well, like a Wizard "rain destruction with ease but are fragile...". Which mean's he'll probably be following up the rear when you send your troops in.

A lot of speculation on this little guy, the Minion but perhaps we'll get some in game footage sneak peaks as we did with the X-Bow. Since we've got yet more emphasis on Dark Elixir, hopefully we'll see some changes to cost of Dark Elixir structures/troops. As it stands it is very hard to level up your heroes, much less multiple heroes.

As per usual, if any structures are released I'll add them to the tool promptly and Info pages. It would be really nice to get some new defensive structures to spice up the builder a bit.

What do you think the Minion's purpose is? Who is his master? Is he associated with the Goblins at all? TELLLLL USSSSSS!!!

Update Release Date?

They said "next week" so I would assume perhaps Monday? If I were you I'd start farming some dark elixir, don't tie up your builders and start saving some resources. This will probably get expensive.