About ClashofClansBuilder.com

What is Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is an Apple IOS game/application(hopefully it'll be on Android soon) that allows players to build up epic bases with mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones while stealing resources from other bases with the troops they have upgraded and amassed. The resources stolen help fund upgrades on the recieving player's base and to help create more troops for future skirmishes.

Clash of Clans base defense strategies are a big part of the game due to the desire to keep other player's away from your resources. When you've spent millions of gold and elixir on your carefully planned base you want to ensure it's performing as well as possible for what you are trying to accomplish.

Why make Clash of Clans Builder?

In Clash of Clans building your base is cool! Creating a new base setup for defensive base strategies is where it's at and while the Clash of Clans really does it well, the tools they give you can be quite cumbersome. I, like many of you, wanted a sandbox to build my base before I set it into motion. I didn't like coming to the reality that 'my base sucks' while I was half way done with it and having to redo everything again. That being said, I created a tool that would allow you to create a base quickly and share it with the community.

I think Clash of Clans does a great job of allowing you to visit other player's bases so I wanted that ability to extend that functionality online and allow you to brainstorm with other designers out there on which setup's fit your needs more. Hence, the builder.

How does it work?

The Clash of Clan Builder is pretty simplistic (though it may not be for long) and upon a new creation you will be able to move objects from the blue area at the bottom of the screen, to the green area (your simulated in-game area). Objects work via drag and drop so laying your base out is pretty simple.

The dead center of the map is marked by the four gray squares.

Placing walls in the Clash of Clans builder is as simple as clicking on a grid and seeing a wall appear. The current wall count is shown in the upper left hand corner and is based on the level of the base you are creating.

Changing your base level is only available at the start of your base plan and if you've already made a modification and lost the option of changing your base level (found in the upper right hand corner of the grid), you'll want to create a new base to select the appropriate base level.

Public bases can be shown on the front page if the base has at least 60 modifications. When it drops off the front page you'll need to either search to find it, go to your plan page or use a direct link.

Which Devices/Browsers does this site support?

ClashofClansBuilder.com supports mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone as well as the major browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox. While I obviously prioritize iOS products (such as the iPad) over everything else, I can say with certainty that I do not support Microsoft Internet Explorer. It's nothing personal, it's just a poor browser and I'd have to spend more time fixing bugs on it then working on site additions and I don't wanna go down that route.

Those are the devices/browsers I support but in the event that your PS3 (or any other odd device) runs the site and it works well, huzzah! I will not be fixing bugs that are exclusive to those devices because I most likely will not be able to replicate them and the userbase that uses those devices is so small, it's really just not really worth the time.

If I may make a suggestion though, play Clash of Clans on an iPad, it's soooo much friggin better than playing on a phone. So much...