How to start a clan for trophy push

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  • Nov 22, 2013 (107 months ago)
This is my first guide, so don't make a fuss about it!
Welcome to my guide on 'How to start a clan for trophy push'. This guide will teach you how to make a clan that aims for trophy push...
Note: This guide is just my opinion. It might help you, and it might not help you.

1. Be a strong player
Don't start making a clan if you are a weak player. In my opinion, be at least Level 40-50, and preferably at silver league, and at least having a Town hall 6. This should attract players! Because nobody wants to see a leader that has a town hall 3 and is in the Bronze league, and Donates only Level 1 Barbarians!

2. Make a clan, and choose a name for it, and its description.
Of course that is the first step. Make sure your Clan has a unique name and resembles what type of clan it is! (In this case, make a clan that resembles trophy push). Be creative about the name, but don't make it a bad one. For example, don't just call it "The stunning dancers"!!! It will just make your clan a big embarrassment and nobody will join it.
As of your description, make it sensible and clear. You can put the rules if you want to, or you can just describe your clan.

3. Set your clan type (Anyone can join - Invite only - Closed)
At the beginning, you should set your clan to 'Anyone can join' so that you can get some players to join you. I know they might come and leave, but Just deal with it!.

4. Set your trophy limit
At the beginning, it is better if you start at the trophy limit "0". I know it will attract weak members, but just set it to 0 until you get members.

5. Start getting some members
There are many ways to get members. The most common is the Global Chat. Just type "Join my clan" etc. Another way is by going to your Defense/Attack log, look for a player that doesn't have a clan, click on the player, and select 'Invite'. These are the two common ways. Other ways is to Go to social websites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) and advertise your clan. You can also add people through Game Center for those who don't have a clan yet.

6. Keep going!
When you get up to 5 members, your clan will appear in the 'Join clan' tab. This is the part where the clan name will help, because the players will just scroll down until they see a clan name that resembles what they want (In our case, trophy push). That's why the clan name is important... When you get up to 45 members, your clan will no longer show in the 'Join clan' tab. Here is the part where my next step begins.

7. Start increasing your trophy limit. (For example, From 0 to 200)
If your trophy limit was 0, increase it to 200. After doing that, kick members who have less than the required trophies. Don't kick a lot of members, Kicking a maximum of 3 members/day is enough. After you kick those members, wait until you get other members to join you.

8. Increase your trophy limit... again. (For example, From 200 to 400)
If you hit 45 members again, increase your trophy limit again. After that, start doing the same thing as Step 7.

9. Keep increasing your trophy limit.
Keep doing Step 7 whenever you hit 45 members. Until you get the desired members. But don't set the trophy count to higher than your own trophies.

10. Be patient!
Making a clan takes time. It could range from a week, to a month, and if unlucky, even to a year! (not sure if really a year). But once you be patient and get members who strive for trophies, you will know that it was all worth it!

11. Make use of 'Elder'
Here, you have three choices.
a. You give elder to your trusted and loyal members
b. You don't give elder at all
c. You give everyone elder
The use of option 'b' is so that nobody can kick anyone out except the leader. The use of option 'c' is the same as option 'b', but instead the members will be able to invite other players to join your clan.

Conclusion: I hope you learned something in this guide, please leave a comment so that i can know if you liked my guide, or you totally hated it.

My clan:
You can Join my new clan I made today after making this guide. The name of my clan is "CoolBasic". I can provide tips to players ranging from low-level to mid-level...
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