The Un-used Strategy (WHRGH)

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  • Nov 19, 2013 (107 months ago)
This is a strategy people rarely use, but is very effective. I call it the WHRGH (Whir-Gh) tactic. It consists of Wallbreakers, Hog Riders, Giants, and Healers, along with 2 heal spells and 1 rage spell.

First deploy the Wallbreakers at your favorite spot to kill. (I prefer to take out those annoying air defenses!) Put all your giants there. Then place your healers down.

Hodriders come next. Since the healers will be targeting the giants, when the hogriders HP gets low, use your heal spells. When the hod riders are near the Town Hall, place a rage spell down because people tend to place the stronger defenses near the Town Hall. When all the defenses are gone (or nearly gone) place a Barbarian King, Archer Queen, or any Clan Castle troops to speed it up to make sure that you don't run out of time.

I have never lost using this strategy.

Wallbreakers x6
Hogriders x20
Giants x12
Healers x2
Troops space used: 200
Heal spell x2
Rage spell x1
Spell space used: 3
Barbarian King x1
Archer Queen x1
Clan Castle Troops (Archer recomended): x30
Extra Space Used: 32
Total Space Used: 235

Happy Clashing!
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