An upgrading Guide

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  • Nov 18, 2013 (108 months ago)
Clash of clans- Prioitising upgrades

Hello Clashers, below i thought i'd share my thoughts on upgrading, with the hopes that at least one or two of you find it useful. There isnt nessacarily a set "this is the best" way of doing things, however i think its good to have a plan behind what you upgrade and when. In general This kicks in from around TH7ish, as before that its often based on how long things take. I will tend to only ever have one of each defense upgrading at anyone time, this means you can still have decent coverage.

Priority 1* - Walls:

Well upgraded walls make a HUGE difference to the sucess of a raid. Upgrading them is also instant, so anytime you have a builder free and the gold available you can put it into walls, and unlike that tower upgrade you wont need to wait 5 days to get the benefit. If people are raiding and they see highly upgraded walls they will think twice, and often if they dont think twice they'll find themselves getting into trouble during their raids. This is probably the biggest mistake clashers make, i've certainly done so myself. *That said you need to balance wall upgrades with your towers so you dont end up with builders sitting idle and a base thats really under levelled. Get used to planning out those upgrades so that for example if you'll have a builder ready in 24hours and your going to spend 1,000,000 gold, then you can farm up to 1,500,000 and pump some resources into those walls before you move on.

Gold Priorities Priority 2 - Splash Damage

Priority 3 - Air Defense Great air defense can be the difference between stalling a big well planned assault, or losing all your resources in a raid. Great against Dragons, and angels... very popular for th6-th8 raiders as well as minions. Lets face it when you have a dragon or angel in your army camps and you see more fireworks then gandalfs cart then you take the re-roll and go look for someone easier to take out.

This is really important to stop your base being overun by hoards of barbarians, archers and goblins. Early townhall levels i prioritise the mortar due to the gold cost and build times, however from th7 prioritise the wizard towers. Its actually my favourite tower as its punishes hoardes whilst its damage is significent enough to worry groups of giants, hog riders etc

Priority 4 - Clan Castle centralised clan castles are one of the harded things to counter and take into account when raiding, plus it helps with attack as well. Early level more troops win raids, and the build times really low for what your getting.

Priority 5 - Single Targets

This includes your cannons, archer towers, tesla etc. Upgrade tesla whenever you have the gold free, as the build times mean you have to wait around a while before they are up and running. You'll be thankful laters as they are great vs high HP targets like dragons, golems, giants and off course pekka's plus there great attack speed makes them pretty good at clearing barbarian swaves, or taking out Wallbreakers before they deliver their load. Earlier levels i prioritise the archer towers due to their range and versatility, at TH8 i prioritise cannons as gold cannons can be the difference between someone deciding against raiding you and keep on looking for that juicier target. They are quite a visual difference that people pick up on in that first 5/10 seconds of scanning bases.

Priority 6 - Elixir Storages and Pumps: I'd prioritise storage over pumps. You want your storage to be at least enough for your most expensive upgrade at the level, prehaps a little higher to give you spare ready for the next upgrade. The reasons i put storages and pumps as 6 are a:You can raid to get resources instead b: Being better upgraded puts you as a bigger temptation when it comes to raiding. i know i certain love to see a base thats got maxed out collectors and a low upgraded defenses and walls, as there will be alot of juice in those badboys. If you dont have as much time to raid then you may wanna make these a bigger priority. I'd prioritise gold over elixir as there are more things that you'll need gold for, and generally my mines are about 1 level above my pumps.

Elixir Priorities

Priority 1 - Army Camps More troops = better raiding = more resources. The difference between 180 and 200 troops is MASSIVE! Not only does it only to to raid against potentially tougher bases, but it also means you can raid more often. If you only need to use 100 of those troops to take out a weaker base, then you can raid a second base straight away. If youve stacked your barracks then you
potenially could have filled half that by the time youve finished the raid.

Priority 2 - Laboratory. You really want to be upgrading EVERYTIME you can. Better troops = Better raiding = more resources. Try to make sure you have a builder free when your lab is ready.

Lots of clans prefer upgraded archers, infact many clans will ask for a minimum level just to join, so if your unsure then you cant really go wrong.

Priority 3 - Dark Elixir Drills and Storages

Before TH8 then barracks will be priority 3. However by TH8 you will probably already have your barracks where you want them anyhow, but those DE troops and heroes can tip the balance and brings in some interesting new raiding tactics, PLUS having affectively more barracks overall means you can build quicker and raid more often.

Priority4 - Barracks:

Gives you access to the cool stuff. Depending on your raiding style and builds will determine how many of each level of barracks you will need. Again once your comfortable with raiding tactics you'll know what you'll need, but you'll always want at least one of the highest level barracks for your TH level. If you wanna do cool stuff like Drag-ions [dragon/minion raiding] or have multiple PEKKA's reaping havoc then you'll want more barracks fully upgraded.

Priority 5 - Gold Storages and Mines:

I'd prioritise storage over mines. You want your storage to be at least enough for your most expensive upgrade at the level, prehaps a little higher to give you spare ready for the next upgrade. The reasons i put storages and pumps as 6 are a:You can raid to get resources instead b: As with elixir pumps, mines being better upgraded puts you as a bigger temptation when it comes to raiding. If I see mines like the ones pictured above, outside walls with its troughs filled like a 2p slot machine at southend sea front, theni know just a few nudges and i'll be bringing home the big bucks, and probably only using about 20 goblins plus a few giants, archer or barbarians to get it. WIN

Dark Elixir Priorities

Dark elixir is probably the widest open to different approaches. it will probably be the latter stages of TH8 that you start looking into upgrades using Dark elixir and there really are a number of ways you can approach it. If you find yourself using minions in every raid then abviously this should be at the top of the list ;)

Priority 1 - Heroes you get heroes for FREE, when raiding. The better they are the better you will raid, without having to train them each time.

They start off reasonably quick to upgrade, for example the level 2 barbarian king takes 12 hours. However the main drawback is that it actually increases his respawn time by 4 minutes as well.

Priority 2 - Troops Just like your regular troops, better DE troops = better raiding = more resources. Your Priority for them will vary depending on your Raid tactics. I like piggies and minions, but at higher level raiding those golems are useful. The upgrades on DE troops make a significant difference, and high level tactics will often revolve around DE troops [ie golem or witches].

Happy clashing. Please comment below and if you wanna check out my current TH8 [or join a new clan] then search clan: tonnes more dmg and check out my gaming blog, for more articles, with pretty pictures :)
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