BAG'M farming strategy

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  • Nov 16, 2013 (108 months ago)
Hi, it's ironclaw here, and I'm about to show you my technique for farming at town hall 8.

I generally use this strategy at around Silver 1 - Gold 3.

Here is the composition:

30-40 minions
1 barrack of barbarians
1 barrack of archers
2 barracks of goblins
2-3 lightning spells are sometimes useful

This strategy is based of BAM, but is different. It is similar as it's goal is to use dark barracks to have 6 barracks, not 4, running at the same time. Normally with this strategy, you don't use all of your troops. The goblins are used for picking off mines, pumps and drills. The barbarians are for distraction, while the archers destroy defences if needed, or take out extra buildings for 50%. The minions allow you to get into the base and take some storages if needed without wall breakers.

Heres how to use it:

1. Find a base that has most-all of the loot in the collectors. Remember, if it has more than 200k and they are the same town hall as you, anything over 200k is in the collectors. You can only steal 200k from the storages of someone o the same town hall. So even if the storages are full and they have 400k each available, you can still easily get at least 200k.

2. Lure out clan castle troops and barbarian king if there is one. Lure them to a corner with barbarians, then deploy a mix of barbs and archers to kill them.

3.Deploy goblins to get the mines and pumps. If needed deploy some barbarians to protect your goblins.

4. Determine if you can get to the storages, or if its even worth it to do it. If so, then deploy barbs as distraction, and deploy archers to take out an air defence, and as many wizard towers as possible. Then deploy your minions in waves to target the storages. Deploy them in waves so they don't all get wiped out by air bombs and wizard towers. Then, if needed, deploy barbarians as distraction, then goblins to try to get to the storages. If needed, use lightning spells to destroy a wizard tower.

5. If you want to keep your trophies, and your not at 50%, then deploy remaining archers to snipe unprotected buildings to try to get 50%.

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide, this strategy has worked wonders for me. I can attack every 5-10 minutes. and I get at least 100k a raid. This strategy should work a with any town hall with a dark barracks and at least 200 troop space.

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