Resource gathering (for low activty players)

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  • Nov 14, 2013 (108 months ago)
In Clash of Clans, there isn't anything more important than getting stuff upgraded. Upgrading stuff allows you to defend against higher level players and get more advanced buildings to enhance your Clash of Clans experience. This guide isn't about what to upgrade ect. Look it up if you need one. This guide is about getting the stuff .... to allow you to upgrade.

Anyone who doesn't play Clash of Clans likely has run into the issue of constantly being attacked and completely raided over and over again, and has resource shortages. The first thing to do when setting up any base for low activity resource collect is to set your town hall aside. Once your town hall is in the corner of your base or outside your defenses, start assembling your base to protect your resources instead of the town hall if you don't have a similar set up. If your have more than two of each resource storeage (gold and exilar) place the extra ones outside yours walls, near traps. This is ideally used if you have three gold and exliar storeages. Once you do that, position your gold mines and exliar pumps in the best defended positions as possible.

Now with your base set up, now we need to start focusing on the upgrades we need. Focus all your resources to upgrading your resource collectors. The lower level your resource collectors are, the less effective this method will be of collecting resources. Once your set, just play when you can and empty your resource collectors, if you have high level collectors, you will quickly gain resources and be able to advance with out needing to play for hours at a time. This method is effective since it allows you to play Clash of Clans effective with out sacrificing more time in your day to do so.

How well does this work?
Pros- Town hall positioning dramatic increases the likeability someone will give your shields
Requires less than 5 minutes daily to empty out resource collectors.
Allows you to upgrade quicker.

Cons- Trophy loss (100 - 200 over the course of a few weeks)
- Dependance on the collectors increases total loot available to attackers
- Slower than other methods that more time.
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