My infamous GHAWW Strategy

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  • Nov 12, 2013 (108 months ago)
Hello, this guide is all about my clan famous strategy that I use to get 90-100% on almost every attack in the Gold 2 league.

The troops it involves:
11 Giants
2 Healers
22 Wizards
7 Wallbreakers
Rest of your space filled with archers or possibly a dragon
3 lightning spells
A barbarian King if possible

This strategy is fairly straightforward. Here is how you carry it out:
1. Use an archer to draw out Clan Castle troops and the Barbarian King, and kill them using however many archers or wizards and possibly a barbarian king.
2. Place (in order) the barbarian king, a couple wall breakers, and all of your giants to get to an air defense.
3. Destroy the next nearest air defense with the lightning spells.
4. Place the healers behind the giants so that the giants are now nearly invincible.
5. Unleash the rest of your archers and wizards and possibly clan castle troops if you want to, and watch the action. Within a couple minutes, the base you attacked would be pretty much wiped out.

- Even though most bases at this league have three or four air defenses, the healers still last long enough to allow the giants to destroy most, if not all, of the defensive buildings.
- I attacked a town hall 10 once with an intimidating base and level eleven cannons, and got a hundred percent destruction. This technique, if used smartly, could get you all the way to Crystal 3 or possibly further.

I hope that this guide helped you, and be sure to check out some of my bases if you have the time.

Keep Clashing!
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