The HAGMWW Strategy

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  • Nov 10, 2013 (108 months ago)

If you wonder why this guide is called The HAGMWW is because we will use hog riders, goblins.archers , minons , wizards and wallbreakers in this strategy.

This strategy is if you really want to earn trophies and if you want to gain a lot of gold, elixirs and dark elixirs . The only thing that is bad with this strategy is that it costs about 500 dark elixir and you must wait until your spells are available again. As long as you have not boosted them. The best thing about this amazing tactic is that it only takes about 20-30 minutes . In order for this strategy should work , you should have 3 or more healing spells .

This guide is for those who have th 7-8 and 200 capacity on your army camps .

This is all you need to defeat a very good opponent.

14x Hog Riders
28x Researchers
18x Goblins
20x Minions
8x Wizards
6x Wallbreakers
3x Healing spells

I also want to tell you that I have never lost a raid with this strategy because if they have troops in their clan castle. You just need to put archers and kill their troops. ( As long as he7her doesnt have strong troops in their clan castle.) Same with their barbarian king . It is rarely that you attack someone who has barb king and archer queen while you are in this level .
I really hope that you will like this strategy. I really hope it helped you.

Now I just want to write some advices when you attack with this strategy.

-Always Check if they have something in their clan castle with a goblin or a archer before you start to put your hog riders .

-Kill their Barberian king with archers or wizards before you begin putting your hog riders .

- When you put your hog riders.Put them on the same place so they go in groups against your opponent's defenses.

- When you see that your hog riders begin to lose life then you should lay one of your healing spells on them so they do not die . ( Do the same thing all the time when your hog riders gets low health. )

- If their Storages are located in the middle. You can add wallbreakers so that they can open a path to your goblins,wizards and archers.

- If any defenses survives your hog riders. You can take it apart with your wizards and archers

- Minions are good to have because they can fly over their walls and take their Storages.

I'm not kidding , I have always won at least one star when I have used this strategy .

I really hope this helped you . XD

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