Inside and Outside the GoWiPe

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  • Oct 18, 2013 (109 months ago)
Some of us in the higher trophy counts may know the common GoWiPe, but sometimes it may not work how we want it to. That's why I made this guide on the variations of the GoWiPe attack strategy. First off, what is the gowipe? Gowipe consists of 3 main troops. Golems for the obvious reason of taking the damage, wizards for the reason of dealing damage, and finally pekkas are used to be sub-tanks.

Normal GoWiPe:
2 X Golems
3 or 4 X Pekkas
15-20 X Wizards
3-5 archers

This attack strategy will give you a star at least on almost any base. One problem I have been running into with this attack is that many people have dragons in their clan castle. No archers = very hard time taking out the dragon. That is why I created the second GoWiPe variation.

2 X Golems
2 or 3 X Pekkas
10-15 Wizards
The rest archers

I have found a lot of sucess in this raiding strategy to some point, but lacking of 1 pekka and 5 - 10 wizards took its toll on the amount of stars I was getting. I figured that the only way to fix this problem was to go to town hall 9 and 10 to get more army camp spots, but because of the loot penalties I decided to stay at town hall 8. I'm glad I did because I found another raiding tactic recently after my decision to stay at town hall 8. Here it is

2 X Golems
3 pekkas
15 wizards
5 archers and clan castle archers

Tip: If your clan doesn't donate archers, switch clans or if you are leader, tell your clan to donate archers. Archers are the best troop to have in your clan castle.

Now back to the strategy. This was working about 99% of the time. This was the one strategy that I still use today. One more thing to talk about. Spells. I have a level 3 spell factory, so I am able to create 3 spells, so I make 2 rage and 1 lightning. I guess I could drop the lightning from the line up, but I think it is important. Taking out archers from the clan castle is a big part of raiding.
Hope you guys enjoyed this guide! Comment any other guides you would like me to make and I will try to make them. Thanks :)

First thing to do: Take out the clan castle and the heroes.

This is accomplished one of many ways. Depending on what the troops in the clan castle are, you may need to do more work. I would deploy any troop that can go in range of the clan castle and heroes and get their attention. Once you have done that, try to find a place on the map that isn't covered with defenses. Some people drop a rage and their heroes, but I prefer to drop some wizards, or if the clan castle troops are archers, than a lightning spell should do just fine. Then the defender should have no more heroes and clan castle troops.

Next thing to do: Pick a spot where you want to launch your attack.

This is a matter of what you think. Some people attack the most heavily defense covered side, and some do the opposite. I would attack the most defense heavy side, so when your troops make it through that side, there are no distracting defenses waiting to take out your troops.


The first thing to do is to drop the golems and drop a few wall breakers. Anything that gets the golem into the bulk of the base works. Next, drop some archers or wizards near the place the golem is in, so that later, your pekkas aren't distracted by outside buildings. Once the outside buildings are gone near the spot, drop a few more wall breakers to break through the next layer, and drop your pekkas. Here, I would drop a rage spell. In back of the pekkas and golems, drop the rest of your archers and the rest of your wizards, your king and your queen (If you have them) and drop the final wall breakers. Sometimes with wall breakers, they go to the wrong place. That is why it is impo rtant you drop them as close to the hole the golems and pekkas are in as you can. You should have a rage spell left, and once the wall breakers break into the middle, BAM! Drop the rage and watch as you have an epic win!

Thanks! I hope this helped :)
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