My take on the new B.A.M strategy

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  • Oct 15, 2013 (109 months ago)
The BAM strategy, consisting of barbs archers and minions is the new strategy everybody on YouTube is talking about. I've tested it for about a week and it seems to be a bit overrated. Sure it gets 1 star, but when you are farming, you can't get deep enough in the base (unless the base is horrible) to get the resources you need. When you are trophy hunting, it's hard to get high up in the rankings unless you get a lot of three stars. Overall, it works and is consistent but even if you take out all the air defenses and then deploy your minions, the archers can one shot the minions, or an air mine takes out half of them. I'm currently a town hall 8 and found out what works best with it at around 1200 trophies.

Spells that I prefer:
2 rage spells (drop when troops get to the middle)
1 healing spell (drop with the rage spells)

How to use it:
Deploy a few barbs. Use a few wallbreakers to breach the base. Deploy a few archers, then more barbs then wallbreakers. This should get you far enough in to destroy an air defense and breach the center. Then deploy minions (five at a time). When they get to the center, you drop your spells. Then sit back and watch them win.

Hope you liked the guide, but don't criticize me because this is my first!

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