Farming Mines / Pumps (For Town Hall 5s +)

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  • Oct 14, 2013 (109 months ago)
Welcome to this strategy guide. I will cover ranges and how to farm resources from the mines and pumps.

If you are looking to farm mines/pumps or farm with exposed storage, I would recommend trying this strategy above 600 trophies. And get this straight - Raiding is Farming. If your goal to raid is to get resources, it is also considered as farming. The Ideal Strategy to raid is to use as little troops as possible to obtain as much resource.

Good tips to find bases with lots in mines/pumps:
Look at the league, if there is no league symbol about 2 - 3 days after the league reset, it is most probably the village owner has not logged in a while. Also, look at the storages, if it looks empty (one coin in the gold storage, and little elixir in the elixir storage) it probably means that the loot is in the mines and pumps. Also, if the base's resources are in even numbers (e.g. 50 000, 75 000, 200 000), it also means that all the loot is in the mines and pumps.

Army Compositions:
Now it is time for the army combos, there are many bad army compositions and good ones. My favourite army combo:
1 Barrack train Goblins
1 Barrack train Barbarians
1 Barrack train Archers
1 Barrack train 50% Barbarians 50% Archers

Another of my favourite mine and pump combos is

Space: 200
48 Goblins
30 Barbarians
59 Archers
9 Wall Breakers
9 Giants

Bad Army Combos:
90% Goblins
10% Wall Breakers

I hope you enjoyed reading my strategy guide. We have a clan Sparto Protege which gives advice on farming. You are welcome to join if you are active and loyal and have at least 1000 trophies.

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