trophy hunting- for town hall 8

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  • Oct 13, 2013 (107 months ago)
This is a guide to trophy hunting for town hall 8 players. I will be explaining how to get trophies, and base tips that you can use to help win as many battles as possible.

Base tips-------------
here are some tips for designing a base:

- put builders huts in the corner. this has helped me not get three starred. there have been many times that somebody has gotten 97-98 percent of my base destroyed, when if my builders hut were in with the other buildings, they would have gotten 100 percent and three stars.
- protect your town hall. for somebody to get 2 or 3 stars against you, the have to destroy your town hall. this will usually be the main target of trophy hunters.
- upgrade your air defenses. if you are planning to get 2000+ trophies, air defenses are very important because lots of people at high trophy levels use dragons.
- upgrade your cannons and archer towers. this will be important because giants, golems, and pekkas are commonly used above 2000 trophies.
- upgrade your walls. walls are very helpful because they can easily stop a horde of giants or barbarians.
-use traps. traps are SO helpful. I am in town hall 8 with lvl 5-6 walls, and lvl 8-9 cannons. I won a defense against 17 lvl 6 giants, plus lvl 6 archers mainly because of my spring traps and clan castle troops.

attacking strategies---
0-1600 trophies:

below 1600 trophies, a town hall 8 person with lvl 5 troops should be able to easily get 50 percent and/or the town hall, with giants, archers, and maybe a healer to help.


this trophy range has a lot of town hall 9-10 farmers. just destroy easy town halls with archers and barbarians. I usually have 3 barracks that keep making archers, and one making barbarians. I place a few barbarians at a time to distract the mortars while the archers take care of the town hall. remember that a lvl 5 mortar can kill a lvl 5 archer in one shot. I usually keep a dragon or a pekka, and my barbarian king (lvl 3) just in case I almost have the town hall destroyed, but my other troops are dead.


there are a lot of strategies for this range. here are a few:
- gowipe (golems, wizards, pekkas.)
- wipe (wizards, pekkas)
- golems/witches
- wigo (wizards, golems)
- lightning spells to destroy some of the air defences, then dragons.
look on the supercell forum for more information. I have not used these high level strategies much, so I am not the expert on them.
I hope you like my guide.
I have gotten to the third crystal league in town hall seven by destroying easy town halls, and my town hall 8 record is 2221 trophies. I am currently at 2179. My clan is team zoom, and we are looking for players in the gold league or higher who will donate. Thank for reading this.
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