Advanced Base Defense

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  • Oct 13, 2013 (109 months ago)
Welcome to my strategy guide. Here are some tips to make bases with fewer flaws.

The Number #1 Reason People will attack you is because:
You have lots of loot available! You do not want those Goblins to steal any drop of gold or elixir. So, if you have a free builder, spend as much Gold as you can on walls, or spend your Elixir by starting a research project. (Good strategies, but if you are saving up your resources for something, try and protect the certain resource you use for your next upgrade). And yes, do not make your loot easily accessible, so people will steal the loot easily.

If you upgrade your walls, it will look more intimidating to attack you, and yeah, DO NOT upgrade your walls in a Polka Dot manner, as Wall Breakers splash allows it to destroy 3 walls in the same column at once. Also, try not to have double walls, as Wall Breakers destroys both layers at one shot.

Trap Placement:
A good idea is to place traps at a place, where troops will most likely walk into. This is considered as funneling, which is crucial for victory. A good idea is to put a spring trap if you do not have enough walls. Spring Traps can defeat troops to 15 capacity, so a good idea is to put a spring trap in the middle of 2 resource buildings and 2 defense buildings, this is also called Mazing. If you maze, it allows the enemy troops to walk in and jump out of your base into the water. Don’t place your traps in an ‘entrance’ gap in your walls. Even worse is an entrance hall - It is blindly obvious thing to do and a single goblin running down your entrance hall will trigger every bomb and spring trap and escape unharmed. Then you've just spent several thousand gold for no real reward.

Clan Castle Placement:
Clan Castle reinforcement troops will be deployed once the enemy enters the Clan Castle’s range. The troops will then jump and fly out over the walls to attack the enemy. The Clan Castle troops will target whoever activated them first, even if other units are closer on their way after their target. This section is rather long as many people don't use the Clan Castle properly. Beware though, Clan Castle can be killed by your own traps, so place them wisely so your clan castle will not step on the spring trap. A good trick is to centralize your clan castle, so the troops will not be lured out easily and defeated with lightning spells. If your clan castle troops is Archers, put them in the centre surrounded by as many layers of defense and walls, the Archers will then hide behind a layer of wall, destroying your opponent's troops.

Other tips and tricks:
Place turrets under construction in places that Giants might notice them and get distracted attacking (Like just outside your walls in range of your active defenses).
Goblins can trigger bombs and spring traps and escape unharmed, because of their speed. (I know it's annoying right?)
Be sure to request troops and keep your clan castle full, the troops will be deployed in case of an attack. It allows the enemy raider to waste troops to defeat the Clan Castle.

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Victor (Clan Elder of Sparto Protégé)
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