A Guide to a Good Push

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  • Sep 23, 2013 (110 months ago)
Getting Cups.
Eventually every good Clan – or any Clan trying to get better – has to make a Trophy Push. These are important for many reasons; moving up the ranks for fame and for glory, to attract better players or to find out who in the clan is truly inactive. It also has the psychological effect of getting the Clan working towards a common goal which should make for a tighter, more active Clan. What I'm going to discuss is what makes a good push and, more importantly, what's the best way to implement it at the player and Clan levels.


This starts with the Leader and Elders. Getting on the same page and hashing out the goals of the push will get things off on the right foot. Take a good long look at all Member bases and figure out how far along upgrades are and how long a max-out will take. Chances are there will have to be at least a month's lead time so all Clan Members can get their builders going and get their defenses up (more on this later). Get on their case and really stress the importance of this.

Set a reasonable but high goal. A fifty percent increase in individual cups should allow enough leeway to be able to achieve the goal and still have people go cup crazy and really try to squeeze out a few dozen more cups towards the end. Granted this is all dependent on your Clan, for example: Twenty or thirty percent may be a way to squeeze out fifty from some individuals – and you may find some new Elders along the way.

Post the push date in the Clan header. Prospective members should be aware that there's a push coming and they will be expected to participate. There's no use in bringing in cups, counting them the day before the start of the push and falling short of a goal because not everyone was informed. It's also a good idea to send weekly reminders about the push and to make sure Members are in fact upgrading/building and to keep it fresh in everyone's mind and set a sort of countdown timer in their heads.

Clean house. Find the inactive Members and tell them they have to step up their game. After a week or so it's time to start making room for prospects looking to move up the ranks. Don't worry about sliding down the rankings due to lost trophies because of kicks. At the end of the day they weren't helping and they offset your Cup count anyways because they weren't going to earn.

Set rewards. Top three non-Elder players get an instant promotion. No ifs, ands or buts. More importantly no one, under any circumstances should get kicked for falling short of the goal. Not trying, well, that's another story.


Get started well before the push starts. Get those defensive buildings up to code! Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Troops need to be researched, walls need to be upgraded, builders need to be working around the clock! Farm as much as possible and don't go Town Hall poaching if you know you're way behind on your buildings. You need the resources to help the Clan so man up, take your one star raid and the most resources you can manage and get on with the next raid.

Once the push starts ... donating is more important than training. Your Clan-mates need your troops more than you need the time to train them. While your building your army, if a donation request comes through and you have what they're asking for - GIVE IT - and replenish, suck it up and eat the extra time. This is a team effort and during the day those troops can amount to an extra star or a good defense overnight. The flip side is to make sure you have a fully loaded Clan Castle at all times. Clan-mates:Pay attention to the requests. If all you have are lvl 2 Archers you're not helping a 1400 cupper, quite the contrary, you're hurting. Everyone should try to donate down. If someone is sitting on lvl 4 Barbs, lvl 5 or 6 donations are the real help!

Remember to stay the course. Mines are sacrificial lambs. Everything you have learned about Farming is topsy-turvy. Line those mines up so people can farm off you. Put them two squares outside so they look more attractive. Don't forget; this is about holding down the Fort! Bring that Town Hall inside the walls and ...

Stay active! Look, just because you're leaving your mines hanging way out to dry and setting up an easy base to be farmed off of doesn't mean you should give the people what they want. Everyone in the Clan knows you can't raid all day every day but you should (for your own benefit) harvest as often as possible. Be aware you're not going to be building through this but you will need all of those freshly earned resources for troops and spells and traps.

Prepare ahead of time. You're going to need full Elixer and probably a new game plan. Remember 100% is the goal every, single raid. Healers will become your friend. And Goblins, your friend the day before the push, well, maybe not so much the days after. The season before the push is a good time to go out and experiment with different setups. Find the one that works for you flawlessly and stick with it. Get on Clash of Clan Calc ( ) and find out the cost. You need to at least make your troop cost back to remain sustainable.


If done correctly and with dedication from the Clan as a whole and at the Member level this can absolutely make a Clan. If you're a relatively low level Clan sitting on 15,000 trophies a fifty percent increase can get you in the top 1000 in two weeks time. Find some truly dedicated players throughout the push and that ranking gets higher. More than moving up the ranks though, you're going to find the Clan become more active and getting tighter knit. You are also going to start attracting a lot of new players - good, bad, indifferent doesn't matter, because the bad news is, you're going to find out that not everyone has green arrows next to their name. They have to go. Make room, upgrade, build, recruit, repeat. Because when it comes time for the next push ... You'll have a stronger Clan, with stronger and more experienced members.

Midwest Mafia
Pushing the first season of November!
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