Where to farm based on your town hall level?

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  • Sep 19, 2013 (109 months ago)
Firstly before I begin my guide I would just like to thank neggs for making this website and creating many interesting and intelligent guides that have inspired me to make some guides of my own. I have found many good bases off this website and without him I would have not being exposed to much of the information that I know today.
But letís get back on track

If you read my clash of clans high level trophie (trophy*) attacking guide you would know that I was going for trophies and at a certain point it gets very hard to keep progressing. I ended up peaking at 2300 trophies before switching back to farming again. When I decided to farm I chose to go at around 1400. However, I have farmed at just around all trophy ranges and the best one depends a lot on what town hall level you are.

This is a decent trophy range for high town hall 8ís. There is where many high level farmers live and they usually have a ton of loot. Unfortunately there are not many low town hall 5-7 just high level farmers and new players. One bad thing about this trophy range is that it is very hard to stay that low. When farmers win several attacks and defences then they will purposely drop one troop and surrender to lose trophies. This however creates a pattern of farmers constantly dropping troops which will ultimately cause you to do the same or just push up into the next place.
TH: 5-6= 4/10
TH: 7= 6/10
TH: 8 = 7.5/10
TH: 9-10= 8/10

This is a little bit of a no-manís land for me. Being a town hall 9 I donít much good loot and mostly just TH3-6 which I canít attack for the loot purposes. For TH5 and 6 however it would be quite good and would probably be the idle place to farm. The only reason I would go here is if you are a low level TH farmer or looking to take a break as you wonít be seriously attacked much.
TH: 5-6= 8/10
TH7= 6/10
TH9-10= 2/10

Brilliant for TH7ís and early TH8ís, this is the ideal place to farm as it has many TH7ís with good loot here and many inactive players who have 200-400k in their mines and pumps. It is also satisfactory for high TH8 and above as they can get large loot from the mines and pumps and not be seriously attacked often. However this is the highest I would go for TH6 and lower as it would be hard to take the TH7+ís around you.
TH5-6= 4/10

Probably the highest you want to go for it to be considered ďfarmingĒ this is the best farming range for high TH8+. This is because there are many at the same level as you and still many abandon bases with 300k+ from the mines. There is also not many TH6 and below so it is easier to find loot. It is okay for TH7ís but you may find yourself being seriously attacked more often. For higher town halls leaving your town hall outside your walls will protect you from any serious raids as you will get a free shield from people destroying it. However, at this point it is too high for TH6 and below.

TH7= 7/10
TH8= 9/10
TH9-10= 9.5/10

Thank you for reading my guide on what trophy range to farm based on your town hall. Make sure you leave a comment below on what I should do next. Keep in mind results may vary and nothing is 100% accurate due to factors like how active you are and how far youíve upgraded your defences.
If youíre looking for a clan join my clan Aussie Brutes. IT has active, donating members that are very friendly and give fabulous advice. Also if you can subscribe to my YouTube channel plasmatic. Thank you and happy clashing.
*Stupidly I misspelled this
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