The In's And Outs Of Heroes

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  • Sep 17, 2013 (110 months ago)
One of my favorite topics in Clash Of Clans Is The Good Old Barb King And Archer Queen. Everybody is excited when at Town Hall 7 they finally buy the strong and mighty Barbarian King- Especially Godson! If used correctly your heroes can be a god send in offence and defense in this guide I hope that I will widen your understanding of them.

Barbarian King Defense
Even though the Barbarian King is an extremely powerful unit he, until 2000 trophies makes little difference in defense. Below 2000 trophies most attacks will be with tier 1 troops that will very easily take the Barb King out before he can make a difference. I believe that unless you have an Archer Queen (or you are above 2000 trophies) it is best to let your Barb King sleep and use him for offense. Though saying this if you do have an Archer Queen the Barbarian King can be a game changer keep him awake and near the Archer Queen To Be Her Meat Shield. Deciding where to place your Barb King will depend on your trophy range and whether or not you have an Archer Queen. If you are below 2000 trophies and don't have an Archer Queen I would recommend placing him on the outside of your base. But if you are above 2000 trophies or have an Archer Queen place him deep inside your base next to your Archer Queen if you have one.

Archer Queen Defense
The Archer Queen is much better suited for defense than the Barbarian King as she can hide behind walls and attack. Don't know what i'm talking about? Well here's an example. Lets say someone has made it to my town hall and is attacking it. Suddenly my archer queens, hiding behind walls starts shooting at the assault. All of the troops will immediately drop what there doing, break through the walls and destroy her. Still don't know what i'm talking about? Well after the troops destroy the Archer Queen they wont go back to destroying the town hall they will start attacking whatever building the archer queen is nearest, possibly getting sidetracked and going a completely different way or even worse she could bring them into the sights of powerful defenses, either way the attack will be ruined thanks to the power of the Archer Queen. Placing your Archer Queen is easy put her close to whatever you want to protect, i.e. Town Hall or Storage's. I would recommend placing her near the Barb King so he can be her meat shield but this choice is up to you and it really depends on how big your base is and how much you want your heroes to protect.

Barbarian King Offence
The Barb King is very good on the offense but he has a major drawback in this field too. The Barbarian King has no favorite target thus if he isn't placed correctly he will often run around a base destroying outside buildings. Even though this drawback is quite big it can be overcome by a couple of Wallbreakers and a bit of practice I would recommend placing him after your main troops have broken into the base as by then hopefully they will have taken care of most of the buildings near where your dropping your Barb King. If you get your Barb King into the base he is a lot like a Pekka. When farming I use my Barb King as a distraction for my tier 1 troops while they loot. I do this because he has a massive amount of health and he re-trains automatically so I don't have to worry about him. Many high level players eg. Jorge Yao didn't use there heroes in there main attack rather saved them encase they needed to clean up an extra 5% or so. This is another very effective use for the Barb King as he will run around the base staying clear of the most powerful defences.

Archer Queen Offence
In my opinion the Archer Queen is the most powerful unit in the game for offense. Not only does she have massive health and does a whole lot of damage per second but she can shoot over walls. This gives her the advantages of an archer or wizard with the health of a giant! Because she has a larger range than an archer or wizard a great strategy for her is as follows. At the front of the attack place Giants/Golems Next Put Down Archers/Wizards and then finally the Archer Queen. She can also be used to clean up that last 5% but the Barb King is better at this as she will often go inside the base and be killed.

I hope this guide has given you a better idea of how to use your heroes. Good luck and Keep Clashin!!!
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