What to Upgrade First using gold, elixir, and dark elixir

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  • Sep 07, 2013 (112 months ago)
Hello. Today, I will be teaching you on what to upgrade first in Clash of Clans. There is no right way; everybody is different. However, some choices are better than others. Lets start with gold (defenses).

Gold Priorities

Priority 1 - Splash Damage
When you get a new town hall, buy everything needed, then upgrade your splash damage towers (wizard/mortar). These do significant amounts of damage to goblins, barbarians, and archers. They also do great damage to bunches of giants.

Priority 2 - Clan Castle
With the right troops inside, clan castles do the highest DPS (damage per second) out of all towers. Make sure to max this, as it will also help on offense.

Priority 3 - Air Defense
These are very important, as they are the only ones who significantly damage drags, balloons, and minions. Air assaults are getting more frequent, so you will need high-level air defenses.
Priority 4 - Single Targets
These are the defenses who damage, golems, pekkas, giants, hogs, etc. Cannons, Arch Towers, and Teslas are important, but not as important as those above.

Priority 5 - Walls
Do your walls. They intimidate.

Priority 6 - Elixir Storages and Mines
Pretty self-explanatory.

Elixir Priorities

Priority 1 - Laboratory
Upgrade your lab to get higher level troops, which will help you attack more advanced bases, thus, getting more loot.

Priority 2 - Army camps
Hold the most spaces your can possible hold.

Priority 3 - Dark Elixir Drills and Storages
Dark elixir is very important on both offense and defense, because you need them to upgrade your heroes, which are strong.

Priority 4 - Barracks
You can train more troops, including dragons, pekkas, golems, witches, etc.

Priority 5 - Gold storages and Mines

Dark Elixir Priorities

Priority 1 - Heroes
I suggest having the barb king 5 levels higher than the archer queen, but its definitely up to you.

Priority 2 - Troops
Leveling up your dark troops will help, especially minions and golems.

Thank you. Hope you enjoyed this guide and liked it.
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