High Level Trophie Attacking Guide

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  • Sep 05, 2013 (110 months ago)
Hello fellow Clashers. Eventually throughout your clash of clans journey you will eventually reach a point where getting more and keeping trophies is very hard. Don't you worry because in this guide I will try to help you be able to get as many trophies as possible.

Firstly, let me say I decided to make this guide as when I decided to trophy push, as I have being farming for months now I as surprised how hard it was to win battles. If you are new to trophy hunting, donít worry it takes time to adapt. Also when u lose battles don't get over frustrated as it may cause you to do stupid things. Learn from your mistakes and in frustration don't do anything stupid as you could end up losing more trophies. Remember "Slow to rise, quick to fall."

Choosing the right troops

Barbarians and goblins are not very effective in . (except archers) This is because even though they do damage in swarms they can be easily taken out by high level wizard tower, xbows and mortars. They also don't do enough damage to destroy high level walls and will often get held up way to long and will end up dying. Even at a level 5 and 6 they still could only obtain 1 star at best. Archers however despite being weak are still very relevant. They still keep all the useful advantages as they did at a low level and are a great troop to get that last building to get 50%. Giants are actually quite effective in attack at high level for distraction and even destroying defences when using spells like jump and rage. Balloons can be effective when at a high level (5 and 6) and can cause enormous damage to defences when paired with rage spells. Wizards are also a more expensive alternative for archers and like can also cause mass damage to buildings. High level healers can also being used well with giants and PEKKAS but beware because seeking air mines and high level air defences can destroy healers in haste. Dragons are very good in swarms especially with rage spells and four lighting spells. When doing an all dragon attack I usually use 4 lighting spells 1 for clan castle troops and 3 for an air defence. However try to avoid bases with air and ground xbows and inferno towers as they make quick works of the dragons. PEKKAS are very good but donít deploy them near teslas and make sure that they go inside the base not around. Despite being relatively weak minions can also be effective at a high level taking out the barb king as he cant attack back at them. Also because of the recent patch that makes hog riders stronger and target defences they have suddenly become very relevant in high level attacking. It is very good for taking out the front line defences that are covered in walls. Valkyries however are not very useful at high trophy levels as they for the space they take up are not as strong and have as much health as we would like. They often get stuck at high level walls and die very quickly. The next troops though Golems are completely different. They are the ideal troops to souk up damage while your other units do all the damage. They also split into two small golems after they die. Just keep it away from a high level barb king and inferno towers as they can destroy them very quickly. Finally the last troops is the all mighty witches, currently the best high level troops in the game. As they continuously spawn skeletons from the dead to fight they have the potential to three star maxed out bases. As long as you have units like giants and golems to soak up the damage they can do devastating damage even at the highest trophy ranges.

Good Match: Don't get intimidated by high level walls as they can only do so much. Try to avoid inferno towers, especially if you have dragons, golems or pekkas. Also if you have healers or dragons try to avoid bases with air based xbows. If you see a town hall 8 try to attack them as they dont have xbows and town hall 9's as well because they don't have inferno towers.

My attack strategy:
I use 16 Giants, 6 Wizards, 8 Wall breakers, 2 witches, 6 hog riders and the rest a mixture of barbs and archers to take out clan castle troops.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to how to attack at a high trophy range. If enjoyed subscribe to my youtube channel plasmatic and join my clan aussie brutes.

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