Avoid Trophy Loss When Jumping Leagues

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  • Aug 26, 2013 (110 months ago)
Have you ever jumped from one league to the next and found that your strategy in silver just doesn't pan out in gold? If so, you are not alone!

It is important to realize that when you make the jump from one league to the next your competition gets tougher and stronger. Most likely you are at the bottom of the new league in trophies, and you are likely the lowest in defense. This makes your base vulnerable to attacks and pillage!

How can you insulate yourself from devastating trophy losses? Here are a few strategies that I picked up along the way:

1. Upgrade everything to the max before upgrading your TH.

WHY: This will ensure that your defenses are maxed out, and most importantly that your walls are maxed out. It can be tempting to upgrade your TH from 6 to 7 to gain access to dragons, but why do that at the sacrifice of so many calculated battles and trophies?

2. Take the time to farm.

WHY: You will need resources on your journey to the next level! If you find yourself creeping up on the next level and you know your defenses and troops are not ready, change your strategy to farming and build base strength!

3. Lean on your clan.

WHY: You will need to lean on your clan members to donate strong defensive troops to pump up your defensive effort. Nothing hurts more than going to bed without a shield and waking up to trophy losses. If you commit to a strong clan, and they accept you, their high level troops can be a game changer!

4. Pick your spots to attack.

WHY: Because revenge can hurt, badly. If you jump leagues and you did so by preying on farming bases, be prepared for revenge strikes. A base that is farming is not a base that won’t bite back, and if you jumped leagues then your weaker base is ripe for a quick strike!

5. Accept Free Shields.

WHY: If you are on the fence of staying in your new league and do not want to fall out let those free shields from being attack run their course. The longer you can stay protected the easier it will be to avoid devastating losses until your defenses are built to fight back!

I hope this helps and happy trophy climbing!
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