Base Layout Type Guide

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  • Aug 15, 2013 (111 months ago)
Base Layout Guide

First of all I do not pretend to be an expert. I am just sharing my experience in the hope that it helps, if you think I am wrong feel free to share your experiences in a constructive way so we can help others.

There are many different types of bases that you can make in Clash of the Clans and it is vital that you make a well designed base for the job that you want it to do. There are therefore a few fundamental rules that you must follow in order to achieve a good design.

Hybrid Bases

This is the most common type of base in Clash of the Clans. The aim of this base is to protect both trophies and resources. This normally means that your town hall and storages will be very centralised within that base. However you also need to consider how your defences are positioned too. Air defences and mortars need to be well spread to ensure coverage of your base but they are normally also fairly centralised as well. This becomes difficult as you canít physically put everything in the middle. You need to consider what you want to protect most. It is different for every player. You can have an interchangeable layout so you can swap storages with defences so that different things are more heavily protected.

Another thing I would recommend is placing wizard towers around storages and within range of each other. This way you can destroy hordes of goblins easily.

It is also recommended that you have your clan castle and barbarian king as central as possible so they can cover your entire base. Prioritise the positioning of these defences over cannons or archer towers which can be placed on the outskirts of your base.

Most Hybrid bases are segmented by walls so that each compartment isnít very big. This is a good idea so that the enemy doesnít steal all resources and destroy town hall all at once. So spread out your valuables so they canít steal it all at once. However make sure they are still well protected. If you are a higher enough level make sure your storages arenít in the outermost part of your base. Make any attacker have to go through at least two walls to get to a storage.

I know this is not all possible but you can prioritise and make your own decisions about you base and what is most important. Hybrid base designs are very diverse and there is no specific template for success. You need to come up with your own design and if not take a look at my hybrid bases for inspiration ;)

Farming Bases

The aim of farming bases is to protect your resources. This is so you can upgrade your defences. Many people purposely drop their trophy level in order to avoid being attacked by higher level players and losing too many resources. However there are still plenty of people who are capable of destroying a higher level base but with a low trophy count so you need to ensure your bases defence is tight.

I firstly recommend that you have a main compartment in the middle of the base with your clan castle and dark elixir storage. Having your clan castle central is so many troops inside can provide maximum protection of your base. Also dark elixir is very precious so I would also recommend placing this in the middle as it will be very well protected their.

I would then distribute your storages evenly around your main compartment so you donít lose all your resources at once. Make sure each of them is well protected by two or three well placed defensive buildings. Many people on this website have talked about triangulation of defensive buildings and I believe that it is a very important aspect of your base. It is the idea that your defences are distributed to ensure maximum coverage of your entire base. Triangulation is particularly important for mortars and air defences as they can wreak havoc with the attackerís army.

Also make sure you put as many collectors inside your walled base as possible as collectors can be an easy source of resources for an attacker if they are not emptied regularly.

Segmentation is not as important in farming bases as there tend to be larger compartments that contain storages and several defensive buildings; however it is still wise to use it when you can. I would recommend a layout like a 3 ring defence. Firstly in your first ring or main compartment place your clan castle and most prized storage and a couple of defences eg. Mortar and air defence. In the main second ring split it up so you have roughly four compartments with a storage each but with several defences eg. Gold and elixir storages + wizard towers and mortars (xbow if you are TH9+). And in your third ring place collectors and other defensive buildings like cannons and archer towers. See my farming bases for a visual example.

Your town hall should be on the outside to lure enemy attackers to attack this and not your resources. You can place traps around it as you may defeat small archer raids this way but that isnít too likely. You will lose trophies when farming.

Defensive Bases

This is probably my weakest area of knowledge so feel free to add your input for this bit. Anyway defensive base are all about trophies. I am sure you have all visited the top playerís bases and seen their defensive base plans and noticed the common themes.

The town hall is normally situated in a main compartment with the clan castle air defence, mortars and if you are a higher level xbow and inferno tower. This means that whatever level you are you need to have a centralised town hall that is heavily protected.

There are also normally a few walled layers between the tow hall and the edge of the base. This may have defensive buildings inside or it maybe one space between walls to make attacking troops destroy another wall layer. Either of these methods is an effective way of slowing down potential attackers.

You also need to make sure that you donít expose too much of your base as well as you can lose trophies at the one star stage of over 50% damage to your base. So you need to make sure that enough buildings are walled around but there are enough layers of walls to protect your town hall. It is a tricky compromise.

However you can lure attacking armies by placing your storages outside your walls. This will of course lead to major resource loss but you can be clever in you placement you can cause significant damage to their army whilst they take your resources. You need to make a slight open inlet into you base where the storages are placed. You can then surround these with defences so when the army is lured, you can almost wipe them out and keep overall base damage percentage low. They might not always target that bit so you will need to ensure that the rest of your base is still sufficiently protected.


Whatever base layout you choose to make always look back afterwards and think how you would defeat your own base. Ask yourself how you can improve it. And remember that there is no such thing as the perfect base you just need to prioritise what you want. Also try out each base type and see which works best for you.

Thank you for reading my guide I hope it is helpful ;)
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