Premature TH9- AHHHH

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  • Aug 07, 2013 (111 months ago)
Hello Clashers-

My in-game name is Death from the clan Welfare Monkeys (yes, chief pats clan.) I was about as premature as you can be except for the ridiculous gemmers who have like one cannon and a mortar with TH9. I was rocking some level 4 mortars, level 3 wizard towers, level 2 air defenses, and level 7 archer towers. Everyone makes these guides, but as a fellow premature TH9 I wanted to share my personal method of rising to the top. Here is how I became a much more successful clasher and get tons of loot to upgrade my towers and troops.

1. Builders
Duh. Increase the number of projects you can have going at one time. I have five because of the gems that I bought. As a premature TH9 you probably have some gems left over, so I highly suggest using those on builders, the best use of gems in this game. If you do not have any gems remaining and do not have the five builders, I would just sink the extra 20$ into the game for the last builder(s). I almost always keep all my builders busy so that they are always upgrading my defenses.

2. X-bows
Get those suckers up ASAP. Even if they are only level 1, they can frighten and intimidate potential attackers and possibly make them not want to attack you. Upgrading them is less important as you have much more needed upgrades in the other defensive areas.

3. Farm
You have to be a farming base. Take the 12-hour shield and lose the trophies. Then attack when your shield is close to being finished. Reach a trophy count at which you can successfully attack with your troops which are most likely lower level. If you have level 1-3 troops I suggest farming the 1000-1250 range. If you have level 4-5 troops, farm the 1250-1500 range. If you have level 6 troops from gems or successful farming, farming anywhere above 1500 (I suggest 1750) is advisable.

4. Defensive Towers and Wall Upgrading Strategy
Upgrade the ones with the shortest build times first. If you have a bunch of level 5 cannons and archer towers, get those done to at least level 7 before you do the longer upgrades like mortars and wizard towers. This is a grind, not a race. Try to keep as many builders as possible busy at the same time so that you can accomplish more tasks simultaneously. If you have a free builder and are about to go offline, dump any excess gold into walls. Get all walls to level 6 (i.e. cannot be destroyed in one hit by level 5 wallbreakers) before you get any walls to 7 or 8. For the Clan Castle, always keep it centralized because that means that your troops in there are more difficult to lure outside the Castle and that you have at least 20 troops helping you on defense (assuming that you have at least Clan Castle level 3). Definitely upgrade your clan castle as much as possible because it is very helpful on both offense and defense.

5. Air defenses are a whole different animal. Very important at the higher trophy counts due to giant-healer, mass drag, or balloon/minion/dragon combo, all of which can be very effective against a base with weaker and/or exposed air defenses. If you are farming anywhere below 1500 trophies do not worry about getting your air defenses past level 4. If you are farming above 1500 trophies I would suggest getting them to level 6. As I am farming the 1750 trophy range, I always try to keep one air defense upgrading because mine are currently level 3 and 4: two at each level. At all trophy counts centralize those air defenses and splash buildings.

6. Mortars/Wizard Towers
Must be centralized at all times unless upgrading. Keep the mortars in the very center of the base and keep the wizard towers near both the center of the base and the resource storages. Especially at lower trophy levels you will see a lot of mass infantry attacks, which are easily dealt with by centralized splash buildings.

7. Try to get all towers at the upgrade levels needed to max a certain town hall level. For example, I am currently working on maxing my defenses to town hall level 8 standards: level 6 mortars and wizard towers, level 10 cannons and archer towers, level 8 walls (all walls are already level 6), and level 6 air defenses.

8. Attack Strategy

Use a cheap, quick to train army. I use 84 archers, 60 barbarians, 20 goblins, 8 giants, and 8 wallbreakers (220 army capacity.) Take out the goblins if you have only 200 space. If you have less than 200 capacity, adjust by taking out equal numbers of archers and barbs. This army takes about 17 minutes to train, which is actually quite quick. Sometimes I go to 100 of both barbs and archers if I am raiding at a time when there are many collector bases (all resources in mines/collectors) to attack, which usually happens during the night. If at all possible, raid at night (US only. I'm not sure about the best time to raid for international players to raid) because there will be tons of resources in the mines and collectors.

8. Troop Upgrades
I am sure that you like me are very far behind on the most basic upgrades like archers and barbarians. The first thing that I did as a Town Hall 9 was to get my archers to level six since they were already level 5. Try to get the tier one troops (barbarians, archers, goblins, and giants) to a high level before upgrading high level troops like PEKKA and dragons. If you attack with giant-healer at lower trophy counts, get your giants and healers to higher levels first. I suggest getting archers, barbs, and giants to level six before anything else goes to max level. Then focus on the auxiliary troops like wallbreakers, wizards, dragons, healers, balloons, and PEKKA to high level next in that order. Bear in mind that the higher level the troops are, the more they cost.

9. Join a good clan
If the clan you are in has 50/50 inactive players and active players, your clan castle will not always be full. I suggest Welfare Monkeys (current requirements are level 6 archers and 2500 trophies for a trophy push), a Reddit Clan (password on Reddit), or any other good active clan with decently high level players who will donate consistenly.

10. Heroes!!!
Heroes are a big part of both offense and defense, especially at the higher town hall levels past Town Hall 7 and in the higher trophy counts. Since you are a Town Hall 9, I suggest getting the Barbarian King first then the Archer Queen. Don't save up the dark elixir for the Queen first because she costs 4x as much as the King. If you can, centralize these heroes within your base so that they are not easily lured outside the base to be killed. On offense, you can use the King as a tank for damage while the Queen sits back and shoots down the defensive towers and resource storages. Alternately, you can use them after all the defenses are down to speed up the process of getting the resources in a base. The second method is only advisable if you are going for a 3-star because otherwise you are wasting your heroes and their offensive potential.

11. If none of the above steps have worked for you, you can reset you iOS device to factory settings and make a new gamecenter account with which to start a new village. I do not suggest this method because of the loss of everything (literally everything) on your phone is quite hard to recover from. I did reset my device and start a new account which is now Town Hall 7 that maxes everything before going to the next Town Hall level, the most advisable strategy in Clash of Clans. However, I lost all my texts, apps, etc. Overall, I do not think it was worth it, but it is your choice. Also, remember this is a game that is meant to be played for a long time. Do not think that it is impossible to overcome a premature TH9; it is possible. Just follow the above steps.

Thanks for reading. I really hope this helped. Comments? Questions? Critiques? Leave them in the comment section below or email me at [email protected]
Stay Calm and Clash On!
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