Creating Effective Base Designs: An Intermediate Guide

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  • Feb 22, 2013 (114 months ago)
In clash of clans, creating bases and new layouts is one of the most integral parts of playing. It is what keeps things alive, and most of all, keeps the game exciting and fun for all of us. Our base is what protects our hard earned resources or maintains the prestige of a high trophy count. And that is why it is so important to have a good base.

This guide aims to give an overview of intermediate principles and considerations when designing a base. It goes over different base types and their strategies, as well as providing insight into elements necessary for a good base. This guide assumes one knows the basics of base design.

Part 1: Base Types

In building a good base, the first step is to decide on what your goal is. In general, there are three types of bases (excluding a fourth type, which is just a bad base).

This base aims to maximally protect resources in order to speed up the rate in which a player can upgrade buildings and in general, progress to higher levels and Town Halls.

This base aims to achieve the highest possible trophy count. Resource storages in this type of base are usually somewhat more vulnerable to attack, compared to farming bases.

This base aims to accomplish both the goals of farming and defensive bases. It aims to protect both resources and trophies. In this base, the Town Hall is usually not centered, but not completely exposed either. Resources are adequately protected.

Part 2: Base Design

After you have decided on your goal, you have to do the hardest part, actually making your base.
Unfortunately, there are major differences in base design and its principles. Farming and trophy-hunting bases have major design differences, and there are also major differences in strategy for different Town Hall levels. This aims to give a general overview.

Farming Bases
The most important principle in this base is to protect storages, at the expense of trophies. Optimally, theTown Hall would be completely exposed. Why? A completely exposed Town Hall gives greater incentive for trophy-hunters to attack it, giving you free 12-hour shields. Resource storages should be as centered as possible, in addition to key defensive buildings such as Mortars.

Defensive Bases
The most important principle here is to protect your Town Hall. The Town Hall should be in the center. Key defensive buildings such as Wizard Towers or Mortars should also somewhat centralized, to provide defense.

Next, you need to decide whether your base will have a defined 'center' or not. Generally, players withTown Halls 2-6 will usually have bases with centers, while players Town Hall 7-9 may or may not have a center. The advantages of a center are that your most important buildings are better protected, but the disadvantage is that a single breach into the center will destroy your base completely. If you choose to have a center, you must also consider how large it will be, and what buildings to place in it. Larger centers can include more buildings, but are also easier to breach. Generally buildings included in the center are splash damage buildings, resource storages, the Clan Castle, and the Town Hall (if its a defensive base). Other buildings such as x-bows or Air Defenses may be included at higher Town Hall levels.

Now, you have to decide on the outer cells of your base. Important things to keep in mind are:
- Evenly spread out anti-Air Defenses. (place Archer Towers where Air Defenses aren't)
- Have spaces for traps/teslas.
- Funneling
- Placement of defensive buildings, how will unit (particularly Giant) AI work?
- Placement of resource buildings, how will unit (particularly Goblin) AI work?
- Compactness, how well do defenses cover each other?
- Wall cells or pockets, how big should they be? (larger allows Giants easier access, but saves Walls for other uses)
- Subtle areas of higher protection where needed (place the higher leveled Walls next to more frequently attacked areas)

Finally, the last, outer layer of the base must be made. Generally, less important buildings such asBarracks are kicked outside of the Walls, along with mines and collectors. Important things to keep in mind are:
- Wall spikes/buffer Walls, are they effective, and what are optimal placements for them? (we all love that wallbreaker AI!)
- Health of outer buildings, place higher health buildings in places where you need the extra seconds for a bit more damage.
- Decorations, using decor to push back spawn zones
- Goblin AI, are the mines/collectors on the outside spaced enough so that Goblins will run around the entire outside before going into the Walls?
- Placement of defensive buildings where you don't have enough room inside the Walls (they will attractGiants)

Part 3: Revision and Upgrading

Every base can be revised. Its important to look at battle replays in order to see where you base layout went wrong, or where you get attacked the most. This can allow you to place those higher leveled Walls in better locations, or changing the position of certain defensive buildings. A look back at those guidelines that are considered less (considering Goblin AI for example) can also greatly help.

Its also important to make your base strong while upgrades on defensive buildings are occurring. When this is happening, push those upgraded buildings to the sides, so that Giants will target the useless building as opposed to an actually functioning one. Its also important to consider switching certain buildings in times of upgrading, so that the side of your base more frequently attacked doesn't suddenly lose that key Wizard Tower.


If you've read this far, hopefully you've enjoyed this guide and found some helpful tips in it. The most important part to remember though, is to have fun while doing this. After all, CoC is just a game, so don't stress too much over it all!

If you find any errors or improvements that could be made, please write a comment below. If there's enough support for this, I might also consider writing more specific guides on base design. I'd also love for those higher leveled players to provide some feedback!

Hope you enjoyed reading this!