Useful tips to make your clash rock!

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  • Aug 01, 2013 (111 months ago)
Builders are what your clash grow, what makes you beat the competition, what makes you succesful... so why not use them 24/7? For me, i have 5 builders (yes i did spend 20 bucks on getting them, but that's the only money I have spent on this game), which allows you to upgrade 5 buildings at once. I would advise you to always make sure your using these builders, and try to upgrade different things at a time (I mean not upgrading all 4 air defenses at once, 5 cannons, etc.) The best way to do this is by upgrading let's say a barracks, an air defense, a cannon, an army camp, and a mortar. If you do this, 5 builders are being used, creating the ultimate upgrading system, while still not being screwed when people attack you. At town hall 9, you would still have 3 other air defenses, two other mortars, and 4 other cannons. This way a tier one troop raid would still be in danger because of two mortars still there, and a dragon raid would still have 3 air defenses, etc. Yes, upgrading defenses will hurt a little at that time, but over a long expansion of time, you'll have a GREAT base without getting demolished you upgrade things. Some people say to always have a builder open for walls, so your attackers will never steal too much gold from you, but I think this reasoning isn't the best idea because you could just upgrade walls before you upgrade that cannon or barracks or whatever it is. Furthermore, it would do about the same affect as having 4 builders huts, so why would you pay that extra 10 dollars for nothing? I would also advise you to always research something in you lab. This tip will save you from spending money weekly to finish upgrades :)

Many people in this game like to keep their town hall inside their base heavily covered, which is fine. However, what happens if you have what I had last night (7.5 million gold and 7 million elixir)? Chances are you're going to want your attackers to take your town hall out for an easy victory so you can save all your money (note: just because you have your town hall out does not mean people won't go all out on you). I would suggest moving your town hall out of your base while you have a lot of resources and putting it in while you have not a lot of money. I would suggest to switch out your town hall out for your clan castle because the clan castle helps to be in the middle, but it's not a crucial thing to have in the middle. ALTHOUGH it is tempting to switch your lab and your town hall out for each other because they are both 4 by 4 buildings, this isn't smart because the lab holds no value to your trophies or to your money. So I would recommend you sucking up that awkward gap in the middle of your base to have an amazing, easy layout that is interchangeable from farming to trophy hunting.

Almost any trophy range you go to, there's going to be those guys who have 250k of each in their storage's, but are super good. When this happens, I would take a couple seconds to decide: can i get those storage's that i want? Can I make a better profit than I would attacking someone with less loot but easier to get to? Can I make this a successful, worthy raid? If you say no to ANY of these questions, I would not attack that base. NOTE: DO NOT be intimidated my level 7, 8 or even 9 walls (depending on how good you are and what trophy range you are at). Some people really only upgrade walls and have them all level 8, but they might have level 5 mortars or level 8 cannons. Think about this before you skip this person or raid someone like this.

This is an easy, non-time consuming, helpful way to allow you to raid more often. Let's say you have all level 10 barracks (which I wouldn't reccomend but it's easier to explain it like this), and you train all of your goblins in one barrracks, all of your barbarians in one barracks, all of your archers in one barracks, and all of your wall breakers in the last barracks. With this scenario, the goblin barracks is going to take a TON more time that the other barracks because it takes 30 seconds to train one goblin, while the barbarian barracks might take half that time. EVEN it out, it will allow you to raid more often, allowing you to make more $$$, which will ultimately make your clash better :) a simple, but outstandingly helpful tip.

This is another simple, easy, time-effective way to make more often raids. I would advise training maybe 15 or 20 archers (or whatever troop is your most common used) in each barrack because this saves time and will usually not give you an overload on that one troop. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this if you use a dragon, P.E.K.K.A., golem, etc. in your raid because if you don't need this troop in your raid, you could simply just minus that troop in the barracks and lose no elixir for it. This way it will save your training time for your next raid.

Has anyone else had 4 million gold with an open builder and spent it all on walls and thought to your self "wow, that was a REALLY dumb move", because I know I have. Thinking about what you spend your gold and elixir on is a smart way to keep your money well spent and with a purpose. When you have a large amount of money, like 4 million for instance, you probably don't want to spend all that money on walls because it's pretty hard to save that much, so you would probably want to spend that on something that costs more and takes time to upgrade. For me, I am working on level 7 walls, which are 200k gold a piece. That's about the price of one raid in gold, so it won't take me much time to upgrade one wall. But when I have a lot of gold, I usually don't spend it on walls which are small, single purchases.

I am not going to cover this area into great detail because there are other guides on this but I feel it is important to know: If your not very active on clash (which is no big deal), it's probably not the smartest idea to join a clan that requires 1,000 donations a cycle. And vice versa, you probably don't want to join a clan that is very inactive if you're on a lot. If you like to talk a lot, try to find a clan that talks a lot.

Hope you liked this guide and learned a lot from it!

If you're interested in seeing my base, look at my profile and check out my bases. Currently I am using "Trophy Push of Summer 2013" (but I changed it a bit to make it a farming base), but I am looking forward to remodeling my base to try out my other setups. My favorite one now is "Saving for level 6 Archers". Even though I already am getting level 6 Archers, it still seems like a great setup. And if you are REALLY curious to see my base: Search up the clan "APOCALYPSE3" and find 'ross is da boss' (that's me). And if your good enough (level 5 Archers) and looking for a great, chill clan that LOVES to donate, feel free to join! And if your better than that and trophy hunting, feel free to join APOCALYPSE 1 or 2 (APOCALYPSE is in the top 50 right now!)

But always remember one thing no matter where you are: CLASH ON!

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