Trophy Hunting

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  • Jul 25, 2013 (111 months ago)
Like many of you I wish to move up the leagues and become a more successful player. Moving up leagues can bring big benefits like higher bonus loots and higher staus so you can join more successful clans. This what makes hunting trophies extremely vital. I therefore have a few tips I wish to share with you.

I am currently level 67, town hall level 8 with 1926 trophies and have recently advanced 300 trophies using these main techniques:

1) Pick a Farming base to raid
Farming bases often have an exposed town hall to draw your troops to it and as a trophy hunter you should attack it as it gives you the one star victory needed to gain trophies. you should use as little amount of troops possible to destroy the town hal[l and then move on to the next attack. For example if you use 3 archers to destroy a town hall and gain 5-10 trophies it is much better economy than using around 200 troops (my capacity) to win 20-30.

2) Always choose a base of guarenteed victory
You need to be 100% sure you can win so you don't suffer heavy trophy losses on defeat. Don't be afraid to spend a lot of gold searching through to find the perfect base to attack.

3) Small Raids
When creating a big army to mount a 100% win attempt use small amounts of archers to claim small victories whilst you wait for the tropps to train. this way you can keep the trophies going up. You do need to do big raids now and then to keep gaining resources.

4) Resources
Trophy hunting does cause loss in resources, especially elixir. you neeed to be prepared for this loss and shouldn't be saving up for uprgradeswhen trophy hunting.

5) Levels
Be mindful that higher level bases than your own give more trophes and lower levels give less. Try and attack higher level bases so you gain more trophies but always remember that the victory is most important. If you loose it can be damaging to your trophy numbers.

6) Pure trophy hunter
If you are a pure trophy hunter you need to consider your own base layout. you may expose your resources in order to draw troops away from your own town hall. This means you can protect most of your other buildings better. Make sure your base is well organised as you don't want to lose by more than one star as this takes significant amounts of trophies away from you.

7) Too quick?
The more trophies you get the harder it is to win battles. You also get higher level players attacking you which could lead to more trophy loss as your defences might not be up to strength. Your level as a player needs to match your trophy count so you are able to defend yourself. Be prepared to advance at a steady rate and not too fast. If you are not ready for the league above you could loss significant amounts of trophies from people attacking.

8) Playing time
The more you play the more you can attack. Also when you are online always attack and don't worry about breaking the shield as if you are online they can't attack you. the shields purpose is so you can build up resources again but as you are a trophy hunter you don't need to worry about this as much.

9) Keep attacking to keep Winning

I hope this guide helped, I have one favour to ask- could you guys rate some of my base plans, thanks. KEEP BATTLING
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