Starting a clan....successfully

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  • Jul 23, 2013 (111 months ago)
So the first thing you should know is my credentials for giving any sort of advice on how to start a clan...successfully! I started my first clan The Orphans over a year ago. Since then it has grown to include a multi-clan dynasty The Orphans 2 and the slightly more imaginatively titled The Orphanage (a feeder clan), but I also had two other clans on top of these before I realised there is only one of me and I was getting a bit too addicted to clashing! My clans have hit top 300 in trophy pushes and feature from silver to crystal level players.

This guide very simply tells you how to start a clan. It's a simple guide for something that most people seem to want to do, then struggle with. Firstly, don't try and start a clan yourself until you have been in a few clans and you have understood what makes a good clan and a not-so-good one. I recommend having held elder status to understand some of the pressure that will come your way when leading. If you try too early, you won't have the experience to be successful.

Secondly, find a co-leader early on or you are going to be lonely. Pick someone who you can trust and chat to, when no one else is around. Best friends in real life aren't always the best for this.

Have an aim for your clan. What are you going to do? Farm? Trophy hunt? Both? Then decide who you want in it. A particular nationality, age group or league status. Be realistic. Crystal members aren't likely to flock to a clan with two silver league level dudes running it donating lv3 barbs! So set your trophy count low and leave it open for anyone to join. Yes, people will come and go, some of them will be rude idiots, but you will start to build up a base of members and THEN you can change the status to invite only, raise your trophy count and be selective. On the way, pick a name and description that will attract new members as you grow. Calling yourself something juvenile may be funny for a couple of seconds, but then you are stuck with being called the Cunning Stunts and turning away anyone with half a brain cell. Set yourself a couple of simple rules in your clan description. Don't then change the description every day or people will lose sight of what your clan plan is.

Link your members up on Game Centre and THEN give elder status out to the most mature members. If you pick a rogue elder who kicks everyone, then you can find your friends again using GC. Tell people to find you on GC should they ever accidentally get kicked. And don't offer elder in global for people just to join's just looks desperate and you won't attract anyone over the age of five. Real players know elder is earned and do not throw a soiled nappy at you if they don't get it for donating 5 gobs. Make sure you and your elders lead by example. Being elder is not a job for life, if someone doesn't pull their weight then pull their elder status.

Treat your members with loyalty and respect and you will get it back...most of the time!

Finally, be patient. Rome was not built in a day and neither were The Orphans. Great things take a little time and effort.

Good luck

Paul aka The Cautious Tortoise 🐢

P.S. I hope this was useful, its gives you the building blocks to get a good clan started. Keeping it going is a whole other guide!
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