Farming at its Finest

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  • Jul 08, 2013 (83 months ago)
First of all, I would like to thank all of you for making my first guide into one of the top guides with over 7,000 views!

Now to the real business: FARMING

Farming, in my opinion, is THE smartest thing you can do for your base. It's pretty easy for you to receive money, and harder for your attackers to get your money. Granted, you most likely will lose trophies on most of your defends, but about half of the people who attack you will just go after your town hall. The other half will make its way through your toughly guarded storage's.

In my opinion, it's smart to have the max amount of storages you can have for your level (4 for town hall 9 and 10, 3 for town hall 8, and 2 for town hall 7 and above). The reason why I think this is because although there's more storages for you to protect (a total of 9: 4 gold, 4 elixir, and 1 dark elixir), there's less amount of money your attackers can steal from you in each storage. For instance, if they can steal a total of 200k gold, and they get to two of your storages, they will only receive 100k gold as apposed to the 200k gold they would have taken if you only had two. Now generally if your attacker goes all out, they can get at least 1 storage of each, which generally can be no more than 50k each. Considering what they could have stole, it's pretty effective way to keep your money.

Your farming career of clash of clans can not only be made by what your base looks like, it also consists of how many trophies you have and your raiding plan. For me (a level 78 using tier 1 troops), 1400-1450 trophies is where it's at. About a third of my raids are over 200k each, about half of my raids are over 150k each, about a tenth of my raids are over 250k, and about a tenth are below 100k each (when I completely fail and my troops go the wrong way :P). However, I do search for quite a long time (about 5 minutes each raid) so unless you're willing to do that, your raids won't be as good. But trust me, the wait IS worth it... 95 percent of the time. Yes, sometimes you get unlucky and search for 10 minutes and spend 50k gold looking for a match. At this point, I advise stop searching for now and go on later. But keep in mind: This USUALLY won't happen.

Next part is the raiding plan: I explained this to great detail in my first guide "a good, cheap, effective way to raid" which you should check out if you haven't already. But for a brief summart, I use tier one troops and my army consists of: 60 barbarians, 75 archers, 53 goblins, and 6 wall breakers. I do two different raids: going after just the collectors and going for the storages (look that guide up on 'latest guides' to learn about in detail) Again, that guide is called: "A good, cheap, effective way to raid". I advise you to do similar things with your army because I've found out it works great for getting money.

Now onto my last order of business: when you should farm and when you should trophy hunt. I think its best to go on a system of 90 percent farming and 10 percent trophy hunting. The reason for this is because when you trophy hunt, better people will attack you and steal more money from you, and it will be harder for you to find more money in other people's base. Therefore, you won't gain as much money as you could farming. Money, obviously, is the key to a strong base, so you can upgrade your buildings as soon as you get a builder and upgrade useful buildings that are generally more expensive but will better off your base (I would advise to cough up 20 bucks if you haven't already to get 5 builder huts because you can constantly be upgrading things to improve your base like I did- this was the only money I spent in the game). Unless you want to pay the bucket load of money Jorge Yao did, farming will help you improve. Although it is generally more fun to trophy hunt to see as high you can go up in the reign, it'd be better off preparing to trophy hunt by farming and improving your base. That way, you can gain more trophies in your hunt than you can do without preparation. I, myself, have been farming for about two months now and growing like wildfire.

Farming is the best way to grow your base, preparing you to save up for those ridiculously priced defense upgrades so when you do trophy hunt, you can be better off than people who constantly trophy hunt, so you can dominate the realm

If you're interested in seeing my base, look at my profile and check out my bases. Currently I am using "1 by 2 by 3 by 4", but I am looking forward to remodeling my base to try out my other setups. My favorite one now is "Saving for level 6 Archers". Even though I already am getting level 6 Archers, it still seems like a great setup. And if you are REALLY curious to see my base: Search up the clan "APOCALYPSE3" and find 'ross is da boss' (that's me). And if your good enough (level 5 Archers) and looking for a great, chill clan that LOVES to donate, feel free to join! And if your better than that and trophy hunting, feel free to join APOCALYPSE 1 or 2 (APOCALYPSE is in the top 50 right now!)

Thanks for reading and hope it helps!