How to attack effectively and get lots of trophies

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  • Jul 01, 2013 (112 months ago)
Some people farm, some people just hang out, some people just socialize,some people never play again after they finish the tutorial, and some people play for the cups. I am one of the people that chases cups or trophies (either one works). I've surfed the net and found many ways to attack, I think that we can all agree that 3 stars is the most effective way to climb fast. In this guide i will talk about the different ways you can attack. Hopefully this will help you out.

So let's get started. In the beginning people just throw camps full of barbarians at your doorstep to demolish your village, but before long barbarians are nearly obsolete as walls and defenses are upgraded. Don't get me wrong, barbarians are a great all around troop but once you get into the silver league all they are really good for is cleaning up the remaining towers and a little help for our hard working giants. Giants, well giants are great and can be used many ways. Taking hits for the team or demolishing defenses are great uses. Giants have a high HP count, deal relatively good damage, and are hard to stop in large groups. Archers are awesome. They deal incredible damage in large groups and have range which is very helpful. Although archers are awesome they do have some downfalls. Mortars can take out lots of archers in 1-2 hits as the archers tend to pack together very tightly. Goblins are a cool troop. Some people hate them some people love them. Farmers, for example use them all the time, but some trophy chasers find them as green losers. From my point of view goblins are OK but not great. They have relatively low health but deal lots of damage in clusters. Goblins mow down recourse buildings and are hard to hit with mortars, not to mention they run right past spring traps. I find it surprising yet handy that when goblins come across walls the walls last an average total of 2 seconds. Goblins dish out quite a bit of damage even when they are not attacking recourse buildings. Wallbreakers are great for taking out walls but are otherwise useless. Sorry that I didn't give a complete dossier on the troops, but now that I've covered the basic troops, let's move onto attack strategies.

I'm sure that there are TONS of ways of attacking but I'm just going to go over the ones I know. One way to attack is to find a village with an unprotected town hall and destroy it then "end battle". You may have to search awhile to find a village like this. This results with one (1) star and with a few trophies. I usually do this with only archers and barbarians. Another way to attack is to fill all of your army camps with archers and spread them out around the entire village. The archers destroy everything on the outside and most thing close to the [outer] walls before being taken out by cannons, mortars, archer towers, etc. This will usually result in one (1) star and a few trophies. The last way that I know is to create an effective mix and try to completely destroy the enemy's village. Personally, I use 16 barbarians, 16 archers, 16 goblins, 11 giants, 2 wallbreakers, and 2 healers (I have a level 6 town hall so not everyone will be able to use this mix). With this mix I win 90% of the time.

Hope this helped you guys and girls. This was my first guide so I'm not quite sure what people want so this may not be very good to you. I'm sorry i didn't cover all of the troops, and the ones i did cover I didn't go into great detail with but this was mostly for attack strategies so I didn't think I'd need to go into great depth with the descriptions. Please rate and leave a comment about what you think I should make a guide about next. Check out my clan HellHawks too.

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